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Emergency Preparedness

The Preparedness Plan

Between May and July 2018, each household is being given a red booklet titled “Charbonneau Country Club Emergency Preparedness Plan,” in which you will find information about readiness planning for your own home.  In addition, there are specific, CHOA related materials included in the CCC packet for your reference and detailed below.

CHOA Disaster Plan— Core Principle: “Shelter in Place”

1 Stay in your home and take care of your family and household safety
2 Follow the guidelines in the CCC Emergency Preparedness Plan, starting with “What to Do NOW!
3 The CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team will gather at Rec Hall C, adjacent to the pool on Lafayette Way.
4 Emergency Preparedness Team members will begin checking all CHOA neighborhoods.
5 Households with the “HELP” sign displayed will be assisted first.
6 After assessing the impact of the disaster, the Emergency Preparedness Team members will develop a Disaster Response Plan.
7 The CHOA Disaster Response Plan details will be communicated either door-to-door or via available communication technology.

CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team

Team Leader: Eric Hoem, 503-694-6036 (h), 503-341-3996 (c),

Neighbor- hood Captains Phone Email
A Norene Quam 503-694-8079
B Betsy Knudsen 503-694-8422
C Bob Miller

Spence Vail



E Roger McGarrigle 503-720-1694
F Al Landis 503-550-7263
G Mike Tewell 503-789-6833

Be Informed

Make a Plan


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    Pacific Northwest Mega-Quake Is Decades Overdue • 7/15/15 •

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    Scientist Michio Kaku discusses the inevitability of the disaster with Fox News host Shepard Smith.

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