Agenda for January 2020 Board meeting 1/8/2020 at 10:00 am

2020 January CHOA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday – 1/8/2020 10:00 AM


10:00AM – Welcome and Call to Order

  • Note for guest: Please remember this is a board meeting, guest are not to interrupt unless asked to speak by the chairman. If you do have a concern, it is best to put your concern in writing prior to the board meeting so that the board will have time to thoughtfully consider your concern. – Thank You

**Minutes from December Meeting Approval –ALL

**Treasurer’s Report –Sandie Maki


10:15 AM Open Forum

  • Questions from Resident Attendees – 2 minutes top per person
  • Questions from “Ask the Board”


Old Business

  • Additions to Rec Hall agreement- report from Insurance agent?
  • Range use of Pool – Response from Range – Sandie
  • Finishing of Rec Hall Bathroom –review bids, select committee to manage this- – Roger McGarrigle –Bid Solicitation January 16th
  • Reserve Study Painting Account/New software options10:30 am
  • January Holiday Party – January 25th at 5 pm *note we cannot have the room until 4 pm which is when we are scheduled to have it
  • Safety of streets – Report from CCC conversation – Jan

New Business

  • Other items from the Floor– All

To keep for further discussion

  • Process for informing for next painting – paint chips available, etc.
    • Send out information 1 year in advance
    • Have Database and Chips on the Rec Hall bulletin board
    • Ann to send a note to new owners about paint color change



*Executive Session (as needed) –* Need to vote to move to executive meeting

** No need to approve by vote monthly minutes or treasurers report

Save the Date: CHOA Winter Party is Saturday Jan 25th at the Country Club!

Happy Holidays!

Because December is always such a busy time, the CHOA Winter Party will be Saturday evening, January 25th, at the Charbonneau Country Club.

This will be a great time to get together to meet new neighbors and catch up with everyone.  If you have new neighbors, please invite them to join us since not everyone is on-line or have e-mail.

Please bring an Appetizer to share.  Coffee and water will be provided.

Please bring your own adult beverage if you like.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Bark Dust coming soon!


Now that the trees have released most of their leaves, our Garron crews can move on to other maintenance issues.  They have completed spraying for moss around the beds on the back of our yards (golf course side) and will be cleaning up the beds this week.  We plan on placing hemlock bark on the golf course sides of our homes the second week of December, (weather permitting) as shown on the Map below:

 Rexius will have several trucks on site and will probably start at the north end of Boones Bend.

NOTE to those who are on the “NO PRUNE” list and to those who have perennials planted on the golf course side –you should do the necessary pruning to make those beds accessible or we may not be able to blow the bark into those areas.

If you have any questions, you can call Steve Chinn at 503-682-0234. 


Record number of neighbors participated in the CHOA Shake Out event

Over 100 of our neighbors participated in the Thursday, October 17th Shake out event.  This was the best turnout we have had.  Special thanks to Eric Hoem and the Neighborhood Captains who helped make this possible.

The winners of First Aid kits were: David & Patricia Lahr; Catherine Shields; Pat Tewell; Sally Applegarth; and Julie & David Verburg.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this important event!





CHOA to participate in the Great Shakeout Drill Thursday October 17th

On Thursday, 10/17, at 10:17AM, CHOA and all of Charbonneau will be participating in the Great Oregon ShakeOut drill!  Why is it important to do a Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill? The Oregon Office of Emergency Management reminds us: “To react quickly you must practice often. You may only have seconds to protect yourself in an earthquake, before strong shaking knocks you down–or drops something on you. Practicing helps you be ready to respond.

Homeowner Associations participating in the drill will hand out free raffle tickets to residents taking part! Each HOA will have prizes to award!   REMEMBER: In any disaster, your most immediate source of help are the people living around you!   Additional information is available in the clubhouse.

Your CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team will be bringing around materials for our participation and we hope EVERYONE will be involved!



Garron Grounds annual pruning will start soon

Please note that the The Fall/Winter prune will begin in September and continue into October.

The pruning will include clearing of ornamental flowers that are spent, removal of spent and unsightly foliage of hostas, ferns, and daylilies.  Hedges and arborvitaes will be topped and shaped.  Plant growth that blocks views from windows will be lowered.  Roses, topiaries and owner-planted perennials and espaliers WILL NOT be pruned nor will ornamental grasses. 

We will clear sidewalks (including cart paths), entries, driveways, and parking, of any overgrowth according to approved clearances.

If you have plants that you do not want pruned please place a blue tape around those plants.  If you do not want any pruning done, please contact Steve Chinn at or  503-682-0234 to request to be placed on the Do Not Prune list.

Reminder- September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Please don’t throw away your copy of the September Boones Ferry Messenger from the City of Wilsonville.  All of page 5 contains important information from FEMA and other sources about getting your home ready for an emergency.  Everything in those articles complements what your own CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team is developing to help in the event of an emergency that leaves Charbonneau isolated for a day or more.  Doing some preparation will ready us for the state-wide practice drill, The Great Oregon Shakeout, which takes place October 17, 2019, at 10-17 in the morning.  Let’s all “be prepared.”    

Reminder- Feeding of Wild birds or animals except Hummingbirds is Prohibited in CHOA

As you know, we have seen an increase in the number of wild animals in Charbonneau- there have been recent reports and sightings of a Cougar, Coyotes, Skunks, Racoons, Rats and Mice.

In order to try to stem this trend, we want to help eliminate as much of their food sources as possible.  Therefore, we are asking that each CHOA neighbor refrain from feeding any animals and/or birds anywhere in CHOA or around your home except for Hummingbirds.  This includes inside your courtyard also.

In addition, please feed your pets indoors only and don’t leave them unsupervised outside.

Thanks in advance for your help here to make CHOA a safer neighborhood.

Please note new additions to CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team

Please note that Lana Tharp and Mary Fieweger have joined the CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team.

Members of the team and their contact information is noted below.

CHOA Welcomes Lady Bugs

Please note that Garron Grounds has placed Lady Bug Bags in the large leaf Maples and Linden trees for aphid control.   The “ladies” can eat up to 50 aphids a day and are a safe and natural method for aphid control.

The lady bugs are placed in the trees in the evening hours in small bags.  They move out of the bags into their new homes where the food supply is plentiful.   So if you see the little bags in the trees please don’t remove them.