Please Read – Important information on increase of Rodents and Possible Water problems

Please help CHOA maintain our livability.  RATS have been seen and confirmed around (and in some cases below) some houses

We believe this is due to residents feeding the wildlife.

There is only one birdseed that can be used that will not attract Rodents

Janet MCGarrigle did some research to find out what to do:

 I called Backyard Bird Shop where we have been purchasing bird seed for quite a while.  We have only had trouble with one bold squirrel which we have been turning the hose on to scare off.  We have been diligent about cleaning off any spilled seed from our deck surface.  However, we agree that we now need to take further steps.  I learned today  there is a birdseed available that squirrels, rats, skunks, raccoons, and other mammals will not eat – but birds love it.  It’s called:

“HOT MEATS” may be found at:

Backyard Bird Shop

22000 Willamette Drive

West Linn, Or



We do not want Rodents to overtake CHOA, please store your birdseed, that you may already own, in heavy duty containers with lids, clean any left over seed off of decks, etc.

***Golf information:   The golf course is putting in updated irrigation controllers, this MAY cause a disruption in the irrigation around your house.  Have Patience, it will come back on.  In the interim call Steve (see info below) and plan on hand watering until the system is fully upgraded

Steve Chinn
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 219, Wilsonville, OR 97070
(Cell) 503-312-0927 – (Office) 503-682-0234

Information from June Board Meeting


At the Annual Meeting there was a request for an earlier Gutter Cleaning:

  • Per CHOA’s budget there is only one cleaning a year,  For the winter 2019/2020  gutter cleaning will start in November and continue until all homes are completed.
  •  A flyer will be left on your door or gate, informing you that your home’s gutters have been cleaned
  • You as a homeowner will be responsible for any additional gutter cleanings.
  • Please contact Steve for a list of contractors that have been used in Charbonneau.  We cannot put the list on the website legally.

Irrigation Concerns:

  • At the start of the season, the irrigation system was off on several days, and so the irrigation system could not be tested for repairs/adjustments
  • Currently there are three full time irrigation people working to get all systems up and running
  • If you have a system that does not seem to be functioning properly, please contact Steve so that he can get the information to these three people
  • Be patient and know that work is being done.  You may need to hand water until all systems are up and running
Golf course side note: The golf course has recently spent over 100, 000 to upgrade the course sprinklers, this should result in better irrigation there too.

Hope to see you Saturday (6/15) at the REC HALL open house to celebrate our addition of a kitchen.  From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm 8298 SW Lafayette

4/29/19 Annual Meeting information for those who were not able to attend

New board members and positions:

Randy Hitz – Secretary

Doug Parker – Governance and Legal Committee (New Position)

Robin Shultz – Ad Hoc Committee Member

Randy Hitz

Doug Parker

Robin Shultz                                  

Click on each link to view a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.  You will need to use your up and down arrows to view:

Update and Accomplishments for CHOA 2019 PDF format

Joe Brouilette – update on the golf course PDF format of Powerpoint

Jay Puppo – 2019/2020 CHOA Insurance (PDF Format)

Eric Hoem update on Emergency Preparedness (PDF Format)

Each of the question that brought up during our Open Forum were addressed at our board meeting on May 8th:

  • Concern about the speed of traffic on Fairway Dr and the safety of walkers especially
    • Many of the board members took the time to drive at different speeds on Fairway Dr and observe the speed limit in other parts of Charbonneau.  It was felt that the speed of 25 miles per hour was too fast for our small street, even though it is an accepted speed in Residential Areas.
    • Robin Shultz our new Ad Hoc member will work with Karen Lourie and the City of Wilsonville to solve the problem; hopefully new signage
  • Parking on the street and concern about the need for safety of emergency vehicles access
    • Robin Shultz and Steve Chinn will work with the City of Wilsonville to see if we can get more No Parking signs on our streets
  • The current gutter cleaning schedule, request to have it earlier.  Now scheduled for January and February
    • Steve Chinn will work with the contractor to see if we can move our one, per year, Gutter cleaning to November and December
  • Chimney’s in need of cleaning
    • Ron Reiter and Steve will do a drive through our neighborhoods to look at both Chimney’s and Roofs and then send letters to residents who need to clean the moss/mold from the External Chimney area or Roof area.  A suggested contract list will be provided with each letter.
    • External ascetic’s is important to maintain value of all our homes



December Board Meeting Agenda – 12/12/18 10:00 AM Lafayette Rec Hall

2018 December CHOA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday – 12/12/18 – 10:00 am

Rec Hall C – 8298 SW Lafayette


10:00 AM – Welcome and Call to Order

**Minutes from October Meeting Approval –ALL

**Treasurer’s Report:  –Sandie Maki

10:15 AM – Old Business

  • Rec Hall C Kitchen update – Steve
  • Schedule report
  • Revision of the Information Directory – Karen/Sandie/Janet

10:30 AM – New Business

  • Lights on the outside of the Rec Hall Complaint
  • January Holiday Party – planning
  • Rules for open meetings

2020 Golf course discussion

  • Latest from Joe Bruyet – Jan

11:30 AM – Open Forum

  • Questions from Resident Attendees
  • Questions from “Ask the Board”


*Executive Session (as needed) –* Need to vote to move to executive meeting

** No need to approve by vote monthly minutes or treasurers report

Information only:

  • Monthly article for Villager, (written by Jan) Ideas for articles: Serve with Love, Beautification, Modernization, Maintenance, Community, Outreach to Highschool and College

Update from Chris on Irrigation

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to give you all an update with factual information:
Through a huge amount of work today by many people we are now up and running.  I would love to say like normal, but I know you all know that at this time is not a true reality.  We stand at this moment in the same place that we were before the unfortunate accident that occurred yesterday  morning.  Just so everyone has some details.  We have 2 pumps on, they are both running through the main panel that is connected to a generator that SHOULD run continuous for many days. So pressure should be like it was on Sunday (hopefully, but we are not 100% sure about all details).   We will continuously monitor the generator, panel and the pumps and the main lake to hopefully supply water to all of you on a solid basis and we should not have to change any watering schedules this evening. 
If you have any issues, please notify me as soon as you can and I will get with Danny and hopefully get them rectified asap. 
I am sorry if I am not able to answer or provide a huge amount of detail, but at this time I do not have any more factual information to provide.  
With our fingers crossed, 
Chris Bensel
PGA Director of Golf / CGC Operations Manager
Charbonneau Golf Club
Pump house

Urgent Annoucement about Irrigation problem

There was a Fire in the “Pump Vault” resulting in loss of any functioning Pumps for irrigation

In the process of working on the irrigation pumping system there was a fire (electrician was even slightly burned). The result is that all of the irrigation pumps are no longer operational.  It may take 3-4 weeks of work (by PGE and our own engineer) to rectify the problem.

We need your Help even more

if you want to keep the grass and plants around your property green, during this time without golf course irrigation it is important that you hand water or use a sprinkler


Thanks for your help

PRESS RELEASE: from the Charbonneau Golf Club

The following has been authorized for immediate release to all residents of Charbonneau.


Dale Owen or Lee Zinsli
CGCI Board of Directors

Wilsonville, OR. (Charbonneau) July 1, 2015 – Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R) has expressed an interest in purchasing the Charbonneau Golf Club Inc. (CGCI) maintenance yard to construct a full service fire and emergency services station. Although this could clearly enhance these services to the Charbonneau community and may improve the financial position of the golf club, CGCI will use a thorough and thoughtful process to consider the proposal. We will keep Charbonneau residents informed of developments.

Consistent with past practice in Charbonneau, TVF&R has shown respect for our community and will continue to restrict their use of sirens wherever and whenever possible.


Source:  CGCI Communications, July 2, 2015.

Recent important article in Villager about use of the golf course

The article below was recently in the Villager.  It references an article from Arizona.  Please share with your HOA as it does a good job of explaining the reasons behind the new “golf only” rules for our course:

Dear Charbonneau Residents: The notice below appeared on May 27, 2015 in the Sun City West (Arizona) News. We want to share it with you to add to everyone‟s understanding regarding the recent decision to post signs throughout Charbonneau, which state there is to be no walking on the golf course.

Sun City, like Charbonneau, has homes surrounding their golf courses. They have decided to not only „ask‟ people not to walk their courses, but have also posted them “NO TRESPASSING.” Many golf courses have had to fence-in their property to control this safety issue. We do not want to take that step.

While most feedback we‟ve received has been positive, some residents have expressed strong frustration. Please read the article below.

We (Charbonneau Residents) are not alone with this issue.

Posted by Sun City West News, May 2015

Golf courses are for GOLF
The Rec Centers periodically receives requests from residents that the golf courses be opened for walking, bike riding, roller blading, and dog walking. Seems like those would be great uses for all that green space, right?

Well, not according to our insurance company. As it stands, those activities are considered trespassing, and we are asking our residents for help in stopping this problem.

Opening the golf courses to multiple uses is not covered under our insurance policy. The dangers of walkers or riders getting hit by stray balls is just too high. Most insurance companies wouldn‟t even cover us at higher fees for this use.

In October 2014, we had a very serious incident involving a golfer being struck by an errant golf ball. This is a person playing the game, knowing the etiquette and risks, knowing where to stand and how far back to be when another golfer is driving the ball. In this case, the golfer was waiting for the course to clear when he was struck on the head by a ball. It split his head open, and he had to be airlifted to Barrow Neurological Institute. The air transport bill alone was $6,000, plus there were high medical bills. Nobody claimed responsibility for hitting the ball.

If this can happen to a golfer who understands the game and the course conditions, imagine what can happen to a child or a non-golfer who doesn‟t know what is happening on the course.

What about night use, when the golfers are gone? We‟ve inquired about this as well, and the liability continues to exist because of the high possibility of someone getting hurt. The courses are not lit – nor will they be because we don‟t want to disturb the residents living along the courses – and bicyclists and walkers could easily get hurt out on the courses where there are no employees at those hours to offer help.

This is not a liability the Rec Centers can incur. As a result, all our courses are posted as “no trespassing.” This means the courses are open only to paying golfers.

And yet, we find we have trespassers breaking these rules. For the most part, these trespassers are our own residents – individuals who decide to have picnics on the courses, wade or fish in the lakes, take grandkids for joy rides in golf cars, or simply walk their dogs and leave their pet‟s waste in their wake. And of course there is the occasional golfer who decides to slip in on a later hole just to “hit a few” without paying fees. This is theft.

Please, help us keep our courses safe for everyone and don‟t be one of these people. We know the courses are tempting and your quick visit in violation of the rules may seem harmless. But all it takes is one accident and we have incurred a high cost.

Beardsley Park is great for picnics or walks. There is a pedestrian walkway north of the community, an indoor track at Palm Ridge and outdoor track at Kuentz behind the softball field. Plus we have the Par 4 course at R.H. Johnson. We have two dog parks. Fishing is available at Lake Pleasant. If you just want to hit some balls, check out the driving ranges where you can get a bucket of balls and play to your heart‟s content.

Please, save the golf courses for golfing. If you see someone trespassing, please call the Posse at 623-584-5808; we have given them permission to remove people from our property. If violators do not move along, the Posse may call MCSO, who can issue a ticket for trespassing.

Here is the full article and comments from residents:

We Are Not Alone

Thank you for your support, Charbonneau Golf Club