April Board Meeting Agenda


2019 April CHOA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday – 4/10/19 – 10:00 am


10:00 AM – Welcome and Call to Order

  • Note for guest: Please remember this is a board meeting, guest are not to interrupt unless asked to speak by the chairman. If you do have a concern, it is best to put your concern in writing prior to the board meeting so that the board will have time to thoughtfully consider your concern. – Thank You

**Minutes from March Meeting Approval –ALL

**Treasurer’s Report:  –Sandie Maki

10:15 AM – Old Business

  • Rec Hall C Kitchen update (Cove base) – Steve
  • Supplies in cupboards
  • Revision of the Information Directory – Karen/Sandie/Janet
  • All Online Forms – Report from all on what forms need to be put on Form page/and what forms need to be updated


10:30 AM – New Business

  • Annual meeting prep
  • Painting update

o   Prep for next painting – paint chips available, etc.

2020 Golf course discussion – Joe B to come to the Annual meeting😊

11:30 AM – Open Forum

  • Questions from Resident Attendees
  • Questions from “Ask the Board”


*Executive Session (as needed) –* Need to vote to move to executive meeting

** No need to approve by vote monthly minutes or treasurers report

Information only:

  • Monthly article for Villager, (written by Jan) Ideas for articles: Serve with Love, Beautification, Modernization, Maintenance, Community, Outreach to Highschool and College

Fraud Alert-Fake E-Mail from the “Country Club”. Do not open!

Please note that some of our Neighbors have received an email to Charbonneau residents that appears to be from the Charbonneau Country Club with the Subject: Charbonneau Golf Club Members Notice.

It is being sent from another email address and is fraud. Don’t open any of the attachments and delete this email.

This is a great reminder to always check who the sender of an email is and verify it is coming from a legitimate email address. If you inadvertently opened the attachment, please contact an IT expert to help you learn what to do after clicking on a suspicious link.

Thank you,

Jim Meierotto, General Manager- Charbonneau Country Club

Poker table/dining room table for Free

Large Poker table with a removal top that can be turned over to become a poker table

for Free

At the Rec Hall there is a Large wood table and 4 chairs that we would like to find a loving home for.

The table can be used as a dining room table or if you flip the top over it becomes a poker table.  Because the Rec Hall is a multi use area a large wood table that can not be folded up is not practical anymore.

We are willing to let the table go to a loving home for Free if someone is willing to come and take it.  You would need a pick up trunk and some strong lifters.

We need to get the table out of the Rec Hall (8298 SW Lafayette) by the end of Sunday 2/17.  Please contact Jan Landis at 503-550-7264.  Please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Another break-in this time on Lake Point Ct

I’m sorry to report that there was another break-in Monday night on Lake Point Ct.  Again a garage door opener was taken from a car parked in the driveway.  The garage was then open and a small bag of tools was taken, some keys, one to the truck parked inside the garage.  This was an attached garage but the house was not entered.

The sheriff and Charbonneau security have been notified.

The Sheriff informed the residents that they believe this is one person operating in Wilsonville.  The same MO if taking the Garage door opener, and breaking-in.  The Sheriff’s department has photos of the truck and the robber, but no face picture as yet as they are always wearing a hoodie.  They are aware and working on catching this person.

The message from the Sheriff’s department, is either don’t leave your garage door opener in the car or make sure it is not visible.  If a garage door opener is spotted, this is a reason to break into the car.  Also, if you have an attached garage, lock the door to the inside of your home.

Also a good idea, even during the day to not leave your garage open – so someone could take inventory of what is in there

HOPEFULLY this is my last post on this subject – Jan

It’s that time of year, be careful with package delivery too

Report from Lafayette street:

Friday night at 8 pm, OnTrak delivered a package to my home but placed outside of my garage instead of on my porch as I had requested.


This package was stolen right here in Charbonneau.  It is that time of year and sad to know that someone could come in on Lafayette which is a dead-end road and steal right out front.


The supplier is making good for me and OnTrak is told to deliver on the porch so hopefully mine will not walk away again, but others should be made aware as well.

Be sure to report to police and the country club any thefts or activity, so that they can track and increase patrols


Break in on Fairway Dr, Please be cautious

A car was broken into on Fairway drive on Sunday about 8:30.

Small amount of cash, from the glove box car registration and Insurance and most importantly the garage door opener.

Be sure to lock you car and your garage.  Perhaps think about each night taking your garage door opener into the house, especially if you garage is attached to your house.

The Country Club Security has been notified and the Police are aware.

Come and Welcome New Neighbors

We’re having a


for Our new 2018 CHOA Neighbors


Please join us for cookies, coffee & cider



WHEN: Sunday – October 7, 2018 

2:00pm – 4:00pm All new residents

3:00pm – 4:00pm All CHOA residents

WHERE: CHOA Rec Hall “C”8298 SW Lafayette Way



Free Light Bulbs for any who would like to pick them up at Rec Hall C front foyer

Recently CHOA replaced all of the Common Area outside lighting on your homes (normally front and back) with new low energy LED light bulbs. See POST from August 17th.

We now have a lot of old “working” light bulbs.  We investigated what to do with the bulbs and have not found a solution.

Since these are good bulbs we thought we would offer the bulbs to the residents.  If you would like to take advantage of this offer, the light bulbs will be in a tub at Rec Hall C foyer.  Bring a sack and take what you can use.

The Light bulbs will be in the Rec Hall Foyer starting Monday 9/24

Pools to close due to low temperatures at night

Given the 40 degree nighttime temperature and the amount of work it takes for the heaters to heat the pool all day, we are turning off the heaters on Monday 9/17.

It will take a few days to get around to all the pools to install the pool covers, so you may see your pool open until Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday.  Feel free to use your pool until you see the “Closed for the Season” sign.

We had an amazing Summer, see you next year

Website is back up

If you had trouble getting on, the Website is up and running again