Reminder: March 29th – CHOA Disaster Preparedness Meeting



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

4:00 PM




Are you a new resident to CHOA in the past 12 months?




Have you been unable to attend the

meetings for our residents about the specific protections and procedures established by your preparedness team?


Are you interested in helping out at the neighborhood level in the event of a disaster?

We focus on EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS and provide the information you need to be self sufficient for the time period first responders WILL NOT be able to reach us.


CONTACT Eric Hoem, CHOA Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

New page on our Website dedicated to Emergency Preparedness


Check out our new page.

All the information that you need in the event of an emergency:  Links to Articles, Family Plans in the event of a emergency and City of Wilsonville information.

See more information on this page, in the next few months from Eric Hoem, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, like what the CHOA plan, what you need to know, what you should have on hand.

If you would like to know even more attend the meeting on Thurday, March 30, 2017, 4:00 PM, POOL HOUSE C, LAFAYETTE WAY or Contact Eric at

Meet Eric Hoem


Are You Ready? Come to CHOA Disaster Preparedness Meeting



THURSDAY March 30, 2017

4:00 PM




Are you a new resident to CHOA in the past 12 months?




Have you been unable to attend the

meetings for our residents about the specific protections and procedures established by your preparedness team?


Are you interested in helping out at the neighborhood level in the event of a disaster?

We focus on EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS and provide the information you need to be self sufficient for the time period first responders WILL NOT be able to reach us.


CONTACT Eric Hoem, CHOA Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Busy Squirrels

Have you noticed how busy the squirrels are?

Ground-dwelling squirrels are busy creatures. During the four to five months of spring and summer, they are feverishly raising a family of four to 14 kits, while at the same time trying to put on layers of fat. They will need that fat to get them through the next eight months of true hibernation where body temperature, heart rate and breathing all drop significantly.

The good news, like beavers, ground squirrels  are ecosystem engineers. As squirrels create extensive tunnels underground, they move and aerate tons of soil. This in turn improves water infiltration, reduces soil compaction, improves soil fertility and increases plant production. Their digging also brings buried seeds to the surface, improving plant diversity.  So looks like they could be good for our course


Here are a few suggestions that make living with squirrels easier.

  • Per previous articles on this site – Don’t Feed Squirrels

Squirrels that are fed by humans can lose their fear of people and become aggressive when they don’t get food as expected.  Many of you might remember the squirrel down by the putting green who was very aggressive with trying to find food in golf bags

  • Remove bird feeders if squirrels are a problem. (Remember to use the right bird seed if you have a bird feeder)
  • Eliminate Access to Buildings

Squirrels without young can be encouraged to leave attic spaces by introducing light and noise, such as a radio. Human presence is often enough to cause the squirrel to leave.

There is a rumor in Charbonneau that a fire was caused by a squirrel getting into an attic and chewing through wiring.  This is just a rumor, but we still need to do our part in  home protection, so that there are no easy openings for squirrels to access

  • Repair or replace loose or rotting siding, boards and shingles.
  • Close openings to buildings with heavy 1/4 to 1/2 inch wire mesh.
  • Cover the dryer vent with a commercial vent screen designed to exclude animals without clogging lint.
  • Install approved roof-vent caps that are designed to exclude squirrels.
  • Trim limbs and trees to 6 to 8 feet away from buildings to prevent squirrels from jumping onto roofs.
  • Remove vines or other plants that provide a squirrel a way to climb structures.


It’s fun to watch the wild life in our neighborhood, but remember they are wild and designed to find their own food, so please enjoy them but don’t feed them and protect your home.

  • Disclaimer: I used the joke of a squirrel asking for food to get your attention, but it was just that, a joke not an endorsement to feed them

Happy Spring



More Safety Alerts – Country Club warning and reminder to stay safe on the streets

On December 22nd I sent out an announcement of recent robberies in our neighborhood.  Below are two more Safety Concerns:    Please see two articles below:


From the Country Club:

(Hopefully you all received this announcement from Kim at the country club.  We are asking all of our residents to be aware and to report suspicious activity).

Charbonneau Residents:

The CCC office has received numerous reports of a woman knocking on doors asking for a ride to get medicine or for cash to pay for medicine. Some residents report she has a child with her.

For your safety, please do not give her a ride and CCC suggests not giving her money. Although she is not committing a crime by asking for help, residents should call the police non-emergency number (503-655-8211) immediately if the child seems distressed or is not clothed properly, or the woman refuses to leave your property.

The woman is a guest of a tenant at Haven Apartments. The Wilsonville Police Dept. is aware of this situation.

From a resident of Charbonneau with a concern for walkers safety:

FYI on two occasions on the same day I was driving out Fairway Drive. On both occasions it was dark and I drove up on couples walking too far into the middle of the street, walking with the traffic, and dressed in dark clothing.  I actually saw one of the couples only at the last minute.
No flashlight, no concern of where they were in the street, no reflection material on their clothes.  Big time accident waiting to happen.
Mick Hergert

Stay alert and report any suspicious activity

According to the Country Club, this last Sunday there were three robberies of Christmas decorations from outside of residents homes in Charbonneau.  Outdoor Christmas lights and a wreath.

The cost of these items was not great, however, we ask that you call the Wilsonville Police if you have been robbed or noticed any activity around your home,  so that a record of events can be documented.  It may be that these were just pranks, but we do not want any escalation because of a perceived lack of concern.

Please report by calling:Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211, this is the non-emergency number

Eric Hoem has volunteered to Coordinate our Disaster Preparedness program

Meet Eric Hoem

Meet Eric Hoem

Thank you Eric for volunteering to fill such an important  position in our CHOA community

Eric and his wife Shirley have lived in Charbonneau 11 years.  Shirley and Eric were married in September of 2005 at the Portland Yacht Club and moved to Charbonneau the next month, in October of 2005.  What a great way to start a new life together.  Together they have 4 children, each of them have two sons.  They have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls.  The oldest grandson is a a sophomore at OSU, and the youngest grandchild is in kindergarten.

Before Eric retired he taught at Mt Hood Community College full time for 32  years  and another two years part time.  While at Mt Hood, Eric also served two years in administration at the Dean level.

Eric enjoys hiking in the back-country and has a love for photography, he says he is an amateur at best.  Shirley and Eric love to travel; and have been to over 30 countries on all the continents except Antarctica and hope to see many more.  Traveling has given him an appreciation of  all the similarities and differences in human cultures, which he finds interesting and enriching.  I would bet that he has some beautiful pictures of their travels.

Finally, Eric is a climb leader with the Mazamas, Portland’s mountaineering club, and has summitted the major mountains in the Pacific NW and Northern California.  One of the requirements Eric needs to keep current as a climb leader is Mountaineering First Aid and Accident Management, which should help with our Disaster Preparedness.  Eric, of course, hopes never to have to use those skills in Charbonneau, but one never knows.

If you see Eric, please thank him in advance for using his knowledge and time to help us make our Disaster Preparedness program successful.

Shutting off your water can avoid costly repairs

♦If you are planning to leave for more than a few days it is a good idea to shut your water off.


Per Cricket Taylor, City of Wilsonville, Utility Billing Specialist  (503) 570-1531

A customer can contact the City to have their water service turned off at the street prior to starting the process of properly winterizing their home. If the customer would like the City to turn the water off, they  will need to fill out a temporary stop service form. There is a $35.00 fee for this service and the form is located on the City’s website. The monthly utility bills will be reduced to only base fees until the service is restored.


All customers should also take extra care when turning on an irrigation system for the first time after the winter months. An outdoor watering system with 60 pounds of pressure and a leak 1/32 of an inch in diameter, about the thickness of a dime, could result in an extra two units of water consumed in approximately one week.

 Normally, I would include the form or at least the website link, but I am on the East Coast and this is not an option.

Please Contact Steve Chinn if you need help

Chief of Police speaks to parking problems

Chief Jeff Smith attended our last meeting to discuss parking on the streets.

There continues to be a problem of vehicles parked on our narrow streets.  Chief Jeff Smith agreed that this was a real safety issue, especially in the event of an emergency vehicle ability to travel to a resident in need of help.  There is also the issue of visibility when there are walkers where a parked vehicle may prohibit visibility of a car traveling down the street.

There are currently “No Parking” signs on our streets to inform residents that there isno parking.  Any sign that you see on a street means thewhole street  is a no parking zone and not just where there is a sign.

Because there is a lot of construction in Charbonneau the fact that sometimes a construction vehicle will park on the street was discussed.  This should be for unloading or loading only, and for as short a time as possible.

If you see any vehicle parked where it should not be:

  1. Neighbor to Neighbor have a conversation
  2. Call Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211, and inform the police of the illegal parking so that they can ticket or remove the vehicle
  3. Call Steve Chinn 503-312-0927


What to do if you see someone where they should not be

On Sunday morning at 6:30 AM a possible homeless man was observed sleeping inside the pool area at Winchester.

If you see anyone that seems suspicious in your area, please call 911.

You can also call First Response during the hours of  8pm – 3am 503-207-5300


After calling 911, please contact Steve Chinn at or 503-312-0927