Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill to be Thursday October 18th at 10:18 am

Please note that CHOA is participating in the Charbonneau Great Shakeout Earthquake drill on Thursday, October 18th at 10:18 am.

This is part of a worldwide event.  Millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover and Hold On during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills!  The CCC Emergency Preparedness Committee is asking everyone in Charbonneau to participate.

How do YOU participate? On Thursday, October 18, set your alarm for 10:18AM and when it goes off:





First, Yourself

  1. Check on everyone in your home, are they OK?
  2. Protect your head, feet & hands from broken glass & fallen debris. Time to get on your hard hat, work gloves and sturdy shoes!
  3. Check on your gas meter; make sure you know where it is and how to turn it off if necessary.
  4. Make sure you know where the main water shut off to your home is located and how to turn it off.
  5. Place your HELP/OK sign on your garage door
  6. Put your fire extinguisher at the end of your driveway.

Second, Our Community

  1. Once your own home seems safe, go to Rec Hall C for your team meeting.
  2. On your way, survey your neighborhood for serious damage, especially HELP signs.
  3. At Rec Hall C, report in and the team leader, Mike Tewell this time, will report to CCC headquarters using our two-way radio system.
  4. Fill out your own raffle tickets.
  5. On your way home, recheck your neighborhood for HELP/OK signs
  6. Residents in your neighborhood who participated will call you or email.
  7. Communicate your list of participants to Mike by 12:00 noon.
  8. Mike will turn in CCC raffle tickets to the Country Club by 3:00 p.m.

CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team

Team Leader: Eric Hoem, 503-694-6036 (h), 503-341-3996 (c),


Neighbor- hood Captains Phone Email
A Norene Quam 503-694-8079
B Betsy Knudsen 503-694-8422
C Bob Miller

Spence Vail



E Roger McGarrigle 503-7201694
F Al Landis 503-550-7263
G Mike Tewell 503-789-6833



Please meet your CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team

Please meet your CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team!  These are  our neighbors who have volunteered to support this important issue.  Thanks!

Team Leader: Eric Hoem, 503-694-6036 (h), 503-341-3996 (c),


Neighbor- hood Captains Phone Email
A Norene Quam 503-694-8079
B Betsy Knudsen 503-694-8422
C Bob Miller

Spence Vail



E Roger McGarrigle 503-7201694
F Al Landis 503-550-7263
G Mike Tewell 503-789-6833


Reminder- Emergency Product Fair Saturday October 6th 12-4 pm at the Country Club

Please note that there will be an Emergency Product Fair- Saturday, October 6, 12-4 pm at CCC.   Several suppliers including Quake-Ready Kits (pre-orders still accepted – see The Villager for details), Costco, Red Cross, Jay Puppo with State Farm and more. Please spread the word to CHOA residents about this opportunity to gather information and purchase supplies to help them be ready in case of an emergency.

Hope you see you there!

Reminder- Drug Take Back Saturday, October 6th from 1-3 at the Country Club Clubhouse

Please note that the Wilsonville Police Department and the Charbonneau Disaster Preparedness Committee want to help you with your medicine cabinet Fall cleaning.  On Saturday, October 6th from 1 to 3 pm they will be stationed at the Country Club Clubhouse entrance to take all your old/expired/obsolete pills.  They will take them and dispose of them safely.

Reminder- please remember to follow the Rules for the Pools

Please note that we are fortunate to have Pools close by with all this hot summer weather.  With the heavy use of the pools, we wanted to remind everyone to please remember and follow the Rules for the Pools to make this a pleasant experience for all involved.  The most important thing is to be considerate of others enjoying the pools with you.

Is your House Electrical Panel Safe?

Please note that one of our neighbors had an issue with their electrical panel and we wanted you to be aware in case you are in this situation also.    It appears to apply to Charbonneau homes that have not been significantly renovated.

Here is the note:  “We are having some electrical work done and the electrician pointed out that our electrical panel is on a Federal recall list and a safety and fire hazard.  The panel was made by the now-defunct Federal Pacific. An article about its panels is attached”. (see link below).

“We are having our panel replaced in the coming week.  The cost is $1845 which could be a surprise and burden for some residents.  In any case, I thought you should know, if you didn’t already”.

These Federal Pacific electrical panels are the same ones we replaced at the CHOA pools last year.

What to do if you spot Honey Bees in CHOA

Please note that Honey Bees have been spotted in CHOA.

Here is a note from one of our neighbors – “Yesterday, Sunday May 27th…….Memorial Day weekend I was sitting by the F & G Pool about 4:00 when I noticed a swarm of bees on the side of the pool house.  They just appeared and swarmed for 30 to 60 minutes and then gathered on a bush to rest.  I thought they looked like honey bees (and they were).  I know that we shouldn’t destroy bees……….just report them.  Well, on Memorial weekend you can imagine how hard is was to get ahold of anyone for a non-emergency call.  Finally, I was in touch with “Debbie” in Woodland Washington (Preservation Bee Keeping) who gave me a local # (503-649-8577).  A very nice lady came out and was very happy that no one had tried to destroy the bees.  She gathered them in a box and asked if she could leave it over night, since as the weather cools most of the bees will get in the box.  She came before 7:00am this morning and took her bees”.

In addition, there is a Daniel Kovac who also works with bees.  He can be contacted is 503-628-1236.

Please do not destroy Honey Bees.  Please call one of the two numbers in this Post if you see Honey Bees.

Crane Fly Application this Weekend

We have noticed some areas of crane fly in the lawns marked by green on the map below. They will be treated this weekend and it is suggested you keep your animals off the lawns in these areas this weekend.

Be Aware and Be Safe

Please note that a Coyote was spotted April 24th on the Golf cart path next to Red 6 coming from the direction of F&G pool.  A Coyote was found dead later that day on the road to Langdon Farms but we are not sure this was the same animal.  Please be careful with your pets.

In addition a resident of Charbonneau Village woke to find someone shinning a light into her bedroom window.   If you experience suspicious activity please respond as follows:

  1. If you feel in danger call 911

  2. If you see something that does not seem “right” but you don’t feel in danger: between the hours of 8:00 pm and 3:00 am call First Response 503-207-5300.
    c. During the day 7:00 am to 8:00 pm call Steve 503-312-0927 or 503-682-0234
Please note that we appreciate each homeowners role in keeping our neighborhood safe.

CHOA Alarm Proposal Fails

As you know, the Board of CHOA conducted a vote of homeowners on whether you wanted to amend our Bylaws to eliminate the requirement that CHOA provide monitoring of alarm service to homeowners.  If passed, this would have resulted in each homeowner being responsible for payment of the monitoring of their own security system and your monthly HOA fees would have been reduced by $13 each month.

We have a total of 228 homesites with each home getting 1 vote.  In order to amend our Bylaws, we needed 75% approval or 171 yes votes.  We received 157 Yes votes and 38 No Votes with 33 homes not voting.  Therefore, we did not get enough votes to pass this measure.

The Board still feels like this is the right approach and may try another vote in the future.

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or need more information