Pools to Open!!

The Governor has just given the approval to open the pools on Monday.  Please practice social distancing and wearing masks unless in the water.  If you are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms, please stay home to keep everyone safe.  The water fountain will be closed and there can be only one person in the bathroom at any time.

Please contact Steve Chinn with specific questions.  He can be reached at his office:  503-682-0234 or his Cell: 503-312-0927.


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  1. Robin Gowdy says:

    Great timing, now that summer is almost over and the kids/grandkids have gone back to “school”.  Hopefully the water aerobic classes will be able to start up.

  2. Bonnie steinborn says:

    The pools open just Monday? only one day …or are they going to be open for a while? What about aerobic classes? This is the day they’re supposed to normally be closing. I’m sorry I guess I’m a little lost and confused

  3. Robin Shultz says:

    Hi Bonnie, the pools will be open past Monday. At this time, I do not know when they will close. Please feel free to contact Steve Chinn to see if he can give you more information on when they will close. I do not have any information on aerobic classes. I would contact your instructor. Thank you

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