Guest Parking Signs

Please note that in our continued effort to keep our Neighborhood safe and organized, we will be installing Guest Parking signs in all the common area parking spaces.  As part of this effort, we will also be restriping the lines in the Guest Parking areas to make clear where the spaces are.  As homeowners know, we do have parking rules and encourage all neighbors to comply with these rules.  The Guest Parking is for our Guests.  Homeowners have their own designated parking areas.

Please contact Steve Chinn with questions.

Thank you

Pools to Open!!

The Governor has just given the approval to open the pools on Monday.  Please practice social distancing and wearing masks unless in the water.  If you are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms, please stay home to keep everyone safe.  The water fountain will be closed and there can be only one person in the bathroom at any time.

Please contact Steve Chinn with specific questions.  He can be reached at his office:  503-682-0234 or his Cell: 503-312-0927.