Neighborhood Watch message from Charbonneau Country Club

Please note that CHOA received the following message from the Country Club:

“Charbonneau Residents:

In the last couple of weeks,  we have seen increased reports of auto theft and auto break-ins in Charbonneau.  This is typically something we only see during the Christmas season. Our Charbonneau security officers are aware of this situation and are patrolling our neighborhoods every night. If you see something or someone that seems out of place in the evenings, please call First Response at 503-207-5300.   If you see a crime in progress, dial 911.  As always, remember to lock your cars and don’t leave valuables in your car.

Jim Meierotto

CCC General Manager”





Please note that CHOA received the following letter from Garron Grounds:


To Our Valued Customers:

A week ago, we brought in a crew to power wash and spray sanitize all vehicles, trailers, and equipment being used on your property.  It was a major effort.

Employees are being screened for any signs of flu or virus and being told to stay home if they or anyone in their family is sick.

They also have been told not to approach any customers or vendors and to keep a six-foot distance.

We have a supply of sanitizing wipes, gloves, N-95 masks, and disinfectant for our equipment.

It is our intent to continue providing services to our clients while providing safeguards to everyone’s health and safety.

Regular sanitizing of our equipment and facilities will continue as well as promoting personal hygiene of our employees.

You have the best regards from your grounds crew.

Ken Bartus, Owner and General Manager”

For your own safety, please stay off the golf course unless golfing

Please note that CHOA received the following note from the Golf Club:

Dear HOA Presidents:

I need your help to correct a very dangerous situation.  A couple of years ago as part of the TWCDI campaign we allowed walking on certain 9’s at certain hours.  That policy was wonderful and worked for a short time until we experienced daily cases of people walking at all times while golfers were playing, which made for one very dangerous situation after another.  Once that dangerous situation became the norm, I asked the CGC Board of Directors to restrict walking completely.  This has been and continues to be Charbonneau Golf Course official policy.

Over the last four months or so there has a been large increase in residents walking, jogging, biking and walking their dogs or allowing their dogs to run on the golf course.  Even though the Red nine is closed for winter, the policy of not walking on the golf course remains the same.

I am asking if you could send an email out on the CGC’s behalf to your residents asking them to abide by this very crucial policy.  We are trying to protect everyone involved with this policy and keep everyone safe.

***We will be working with CCC to evaluate the policy as soon as practical.  Policy updates will be announced as appropriate.  Until then, the current policy stands.

As the signs state around the entrances of the golf course property:









INSTACART HOME DELIVERY- Information from the CCC Emergency Preparedness/Public Safety Committee

In our area, Instacart handles home deliveries from the following stores: Fred Meyer, Safeway, Costco, Target, New Seasons and Petco.  Instacart is an independent contractor that allows you to shop at these stores online, then sends a “personal shopper” to fulfill and deliver your order. This personal shopper goes to the store, picks up everything on your list, and then drives it to you in their own car. How to begin:

  • Go to The opening page may be for a particular store, like Fred Meyer. To the left of your screen, click on a drop-down menu “STORES” and select the store you want.
  • You will need to sign-up with Instacart, the process is very straight forward.
  • Select the store you want and begin shopping Understand that Instacart has nothing to do with how the prices are set. Typically, you might have to pay a little more for most items through Instacart than if you were shopping in real life. NOTE: Some folks have found shopping on the Fred Meyer website (rather than on Instacart’s) is more user friendly. Instacart will still be delivering your items, the order is just done on the FM website.
  • Instacart shoppers are shopping at the same stores as the rest of the American public. Which means, right now, lots of products may not be available. The app and website usually does a good job to warn you if something is low or out of stock, but know that you might not receive everything you request in your order. (Your total price will be corrected to accurately reflect what you did receive.)
  • Delivery costs are typically about $10.00
  • You can opt to have items left at your door
  • You can choose a delivery day and time window
  • ABOUT TIPPING: Tips are strongly encouraged. $5 or 20 percent of the total bill is typical but with everything going on right now, you may want to consider even more, if you are in the position to do so. Most people don’t want to leave their houses right now and your Instacart shopper might be taking this job because the money is desperately needed. Please, do what you can to support them.


Very convenient,

Thorough online selection, close to what you’d find in-store

Ability to order from stores beyond supermarkets

Access to Costco even without a membership

Friendly personal shoppers and an easy ordering experience; shoppers are communicative if there are any issues or substitutions


Can’t be too choosy particularly right now when some supplies are low

Prices vary from actual in-store prices, which means you could pay a premium (but not always).


Reports from residents who have used Instacart are favorable. Personal shoppers seem to communicate very well via text.

COVID-19 Concerns: An important Message from your CCC Emergency Preparedness / Public Safety Committee

We are all living through an extraordinary experience and one that changes daily. It is the hope of the CCC Emergency Preparedness/Public Safety (EPPS) committee to disseminate vital information to the community through our network of EPPS Captains. Please use any method at your disposal to spread the word.

The role of EPPS committee during this crisis is two-fold: 1. Encourage our residents to use trusted sources of information to learn best practices during this pandemic and then to USE THOSE BEST PRACTICES! 2. Share community information that might ease the burdens of our neighbors, particularly if we are quarantined or if they do not have access to necessities like groceries and medicines, while staying mindful of social distancing and protecting our own health.


Oregon Health Authority (OHA):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Local news rooms are doing an excellent job with updated Oregon information.

COMMUNITY INFORMATION: This information is current as of 03/20/2020, be aware that things are constantly changing. As an example, as of this date home delivery of groceries, etc. is scheduled about 4 days out from the time of order. This is likely to get longer, so plan ahead!

HOME DELIVERIES: Home deliveries are available through Instacart for the following stores:

Fred Meyer, Safeway, Costco, Target, New Seasons and Petco. Details about how this works will be Posted next.  In the meantime, you can go to

STORE PICKUPS: A number of local stores offer pickup services where you place an order online, select a time and pickup at the store. You will get an estimate of your bill when you place your order, you give them a credit or debit card number but the final bill may change due to weighed items, coupons, availability, etc. so when you pick up you need to present the card you used online. Another person can pick up your order but they need to provide the payment you used when ordering and valid ID for any age-restricted item. Please be cautious about sharing your credit/debit cards!!

RIDE SHARING: Caring members of our community have offered to drive people to the doctor or pharmacy: This is something we cannot recommend. The CDC advises us to avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis. Private vehicles can be used to transport people to the doctor but only by a primary member of their household (someone who has already been in contact).

Sandy Batte & Jerry Baker, Co-chairs

Rec Hall C closed until further notice

Since the health and welfare of our neighbors is of utmost importance, please note that due to the COVID-19 virus and the current rules around gatherings in groups, we have closed Rec Hall C to all activity at this time. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed when this changes.

Thank you for your support and understanding here.


Here’s your CHOA Emergency Preparedness team- updated email info

Here is the latest update of CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team:  Please note when I posted earlier,  I missed a couple of emails.  Sorry for the confusion- Barry

Team Leader: Eric Hoem, 503-694-6036 (h), 503-341-3996 (c),

Neighborhood Captains Phone Email
A Norene Quam 503-694-8079
B Betsy Knudsen 503-694-8422
C Bob Miller 503-840-0323
E Roger McGarrigle 503-7201694 
F Al Landis

Mary Fieweger

Joe Fieweger

Paul Lehto





G Gary DiCenzo

Mike Tewell



To find your neighborhood, go to

March 2020

Here’s your CHOA Emergency Preparedness team

Here is the latest update of CHOA Emergency Preparedness Team:

Team Leader: Eric Hoem, 503-694-6036 (h), 503-341-3996 (c),

Neighborhood Captains Phone Email
A Norene Quam 503-694-8079
B Betsy Knudsen 503-694-8422
C Bob Miller 503-840-0323
E Roger McGarrigle 503-7201694 
F Al Landis

Mary Fieweger   Joe Fieweger

Paul Lehto

503-550-7263 503-519-4388 503-317-8744


G Gary DiCenzo

Mike Tewell



To find your neighborhood, go to

March 2020

Important message about COVID 19 from CCC Emergency Preparedness

Please see the note below from the CCC Emergency Preparedness Committee and Eric Hoem, CHOA Emergency Preparedness Committee:

“We are sure everyone is trying to come to grips with what is best for their household as we learn to cope with a ‘new normal’ living with the COVID 19 outbreak. Many of you may have already done this, but we are asking you to extend a special kind of ‘Neighbor Care’ to your elderly neighbors.

You might (a) remind them that the Wilsonville Safeway and Fred Meyer both offer home delivery, and (b) if you are already shopping for groceries or health care items you might ask if you can pick up something for those elderly neighbors.

Obviously, no one should put their own health at risk, but if you can make a phone call to get a list, and deliver things to the front door, that might be a real life-saver for some folks!

Please stay safe, follow CDC and Oregon Health Authority guidelines and thank you for your commitment to Charbonneau.

Save the Date- CHOA Annual meeting 7:00 pm Monday April 27th at the Country Club

Please note that the CHOA Annual Meeting will be held  Monday, April 27th 7:00 pm at the Country Club.  The Board will provide an update on the last years activities, a preview of 2020 activities and cover some general neighborhood items of interest to us all.

Coffee and Water will be provided along with Cookies.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!