Bark Dust coming soon!


Now that the trees have released most of their leaves, our Garron crews can move on to other maintenance issues.  They have completed spraying for moss around the beds on the back of our yards (golf course side) and will be cleaning up the beds this week.  We plan on placing hemlock bark on the golf course sides of our homes the second week of December, (weather permitting) as shown on the Map below:

 Rexius will have several trucks on site and will probably start at the north end of Boones Bend.

NOTE to those who are on the “NO PRUNE” list and to those who have perennials planted on the golf course side –you should do the necessary pruning to make those beds accessible or we may not be able to blow the bark into those areas.

If you have any questions, you can call Steve Chinn at 503-682-0234. 


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  1. George P Parisi says:

    Hi Jan!  Merry Christmas!  Thanks to CHOA for the nice landscaping gift.  The bark dust looks great and truly improves the appearance for the holiday season and beyond.  BTW … the landscaping employees were fast, efficient, friendly, and even blew any stray bark dust off the concrete patio and steps.  Pat & Eva

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