Gutter Cleaning has started

Per request from our Residents – This year we are starting the Gutter Cleaning before the 1st of the year.

Our contractor was scheduled to start November 1st, but because of the great weather we’ve been having  the leaves were too dry and  just kept blowing away.

After the rain this last week – which made the leaves more wet – Gutter cleaning was started earlier this week in “A” Neighborhood.

So you may see the contractor cleaning your gutters in the near future.  Probably will continue into December.


On another note: Please be aware a cougar was spotted running from on French Prairie and then running down Miley Rd early in the morning.

Watch your pets when they are outside, especially early in the morning




Have a great Thanksgiving.  Charbonneau is a great place to live!!

We are all truly blessed

Jan Landis

CHOA President

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  1. Joann Linville says:

    I hope whoever has spotted the cougar has been reported to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  This situation could be dangerous to residents and pets on leash as well.  The number to call is 503-927-6000.  Please do not just advise residents to watch their pets.

  2. Jan Landis says:

    Corrected phone #

    Here is the information to report if anyone sees another cougar. Probably both an email and phone call works

    Thanks Joann

    Wildlife Division Directory

    4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
    Salem, OR 97302
    Main ODFW phone: 503-947-6000
    Wildlife Division Main Line: 503-947-6301

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