Auroa Airport Master Plan

If so inclined would you consider cutting and pasting the letter below to your e-mail and send it to the address at the bottom? We would so appreciate it.  I know we all have lives and commitments. So please just consider it.  By Oct 4th, all written comments must be at the Oregon Aviation Board and their final decision to forward their recommendation will be decided on Oct 31st in Sun River.  I know Greg Leo and I will be there. You may think, as I do, that this cynically short time period is intentional to reduce our opportunity for public comment. Let’s prove them wrong. I’ve also attached a wonderful letter from Friends of French Prairie written by Ben Williams.  I personally know everything in his letter is factual. You may find the OABs actions infuriating and biased. So do I.  The OAB is full of contradictions, sleight -of-hand, back room meetings with airport business owners, and they’re looking at a non “master plan” that violates at least six of Oregon’s Land Use Plan rules. Please read Ben’s letter and feel free to use any part of it (or all of it) for your letter.  If you would rather write your own, great.  You may use the following if you like:   Email address:



Oregon Aviation Board

3040 25th St SE

Salem, Oregon 97302


ATTN: Aurora Master Plan 09/27/2019


I’m writing in total opposition to what is called the “Aurora State Airport Master Plan”.  The plan is required to address all of Oregon’s Land Use Plan.  It does not address Goal 1 Civic Participation, Goal 3 Protection of EFU land (Exclusive Farm Use), Goal 6 Pollution.  The Arora airport is the third largest polluter of all thirty state airport. This truly effects or health and safety. Goal 11 Public Services. It’s sewer and water are not connected to a utility district! Goal 12 Transportation. The plan has no consideration for surface road congestion. As if it isn’t bad enough. The plan is also required to counsel with state agencies.  I’m surprised they missed the Department of Agriculture,  The Department of Transportation, The DEQ? Really?  We also understand there are now real airport usage numbers.  So what’s wrong with getting the process right and using real numbers?  Following the rules like everyone else? Letting us in on the decision making process?  Do the master plan correctly.  Don’t hurt our quality of life, our health and our safety so that a handful of business owners can make a little more money.


Your Name



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  1. Shirley Hoem says:

    Please make the corrections to the letter. Should read affects our not effects or.


    What email address to send I don’t see it.

  2. Leslie Ulven says:

    We recently moved to Charbonneau in April of this year.  We enjoy our patio, watching the golfers play in the late afternoon and early evenings. Our conversations are interrupted by the screaming corporate jets overhead. I have two concerns if the Aurora airport is expanded: 1) more jets = more noise. With more noise I believe the quality of  our lives will be diminished and the desirability of  the properties of Charbonneau as well as surrounding neighborhoods will be negatively affected. 2) with more and more jets arriving and departing and assuming their passengers will be traveling by automobile to or from Portland, the already bottlenecked Boone bridge will be even more of a nightmare.

  3. Sara Bennett says:

    You have requested we send this letter via email, but there is only a physical address.  Please include an email address.

  4. Jan Landis says:

    Thanks Leslie for your comment. That is why our Country club is asking for our help is copying and sending the letter

  5. Eric Hoem says:

    FYI, the Country Club has a Civic Affairs Committee which follows these developments, testifies at hearings, and encourages involvement like this request.  I am on the committee and testified at the hearing held last week that was part of the run-up to the Oct. 31 meeting mentioned in the announcement.  The current chair is Wayne Richards.  I am sure that he would not mind hearing from anyone interested in keeping up with issues that impact Charbonneau.

  6. Jan Landis says:

    Thanks Eric

    The original email that included the letter to copy and then forward to the Aurora Aviation came from Wayne

    Anyone following this post – here is Wayne Richards email, if you wish to contact Wayne

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