Information from the September 11th Board meeting

Request that the pools remain open longer

  • Based on the weather on Monday 9/16 all pools except A pool (Boones Bend Pool) will close.
    • This decision was based on the fact that cooler temperatures during the evening hours increase the cost of heating the pools for day time use
      • Note: Pool A is located off of Boones Bend on Boones Bend RD/Street/cul-de-sac
    • Pool A (on Boones Bend Rd)was chosen to stay open until 9/27 because it has a hot tub and the most parking available

Winter use of the Springridge pool is available to all Charbonneau residents:

      • Adult  Open Swim 6:00 am to 7:00 am
      • Water Aerobics Class information Contact Helen Heestand for class information at 503-694-2192
        • Note: Robin Shultz called and Helen Heestand states that the pool will be closed starting September 23 for several weeks due to a new roof being put on

Update on safety efforts to address speed on our roads

  •  At the October Board Meeting (10/9 at 6:00 pm)  we have a representative from the City of Wilsonville who is attending our board meeting to discuss what can be done
  • We encourage residents to attend so that the City can see that this is an important safety issue for our community
  •  We will have more documented information at that time from the city on the traffic and speed on the two main streets in CHOA
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