Garron Grounds annual pruning will start soon

Please note that the The Fall/Winter prune will begin in September and continue into October.

The pruning will include clearing of ornamental flowers that are spent, removal of spent and unsightly foliage of hostas, ferns, and daylilies.  Hedges and arborvitaes will be topped and shaped.  Plant growth that blocks views from windows will be lowered.  Roses, topiaries and owner-planted perennials and espaliers WILL NOT be pruned nor will ornamental grasses. 

We will clear sidewalks (including cart paths), entries, driveways, and parking, of any overgrowth according to approved clearances.

If you have plants that you do not want pruned please place a blue tape around those plants.  If you do not want any pruning done, please contact Steve Chinn at or  503-682-0234 to request to be placed on the Do Not Prune list.

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