Slow Down signs on Boones Bend and Fairway Dr

Slow Down Signs for two of our busiest streets.

In CHOA we have two roads that are used more frequently than other roads; Fairway Dr and Boones Bend.  These roads are used by residents, contractors and guests.  In addition to vehicle traffic, most of our roads are used by residents as walking and biking paths. 

For some time CHOA has been concerned with the legal speed of 25 mph.   25mph is too fast when cars are parked illegally, contractors are parked while unloading, and there are walkers or bikers too.

In July CHOA did a speed study on Fairway Dr. The result, almost all drivers were traveling at 25 mph or lower.

 We are asking CHOA residents to drive at a speed closer to 15-20 mph.  We ask walkers and bikers to take responsibility for their own safety by staying close to the side of the street.

We are working with the city to monitor the speed and possible solutions to protect the safety of all of our residents.

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  1. Jeanie Tankersley says:

    Walkers please be aware of the correct side of the road for your walk.
    Many times I see residents with or without dogs walking on the wrong side of the road.

  2. Pat and Eva Parisi says:

    Thank u for the signs. Really needed. We drive at 15 mph and use hazard lights whenever we see walkers. Pat and Eva Parisi

  3. sue Kindorf says:

    I love seeing the “Please slow down” signs. I think 15 mph is perfect. Which way is “the is the wrong side of the road” for walkers? Where I used to live bikers and walkers shared paths……..When a biker came up behind a walker he/she would say “on your left”. That was very helpful for walkers.
    Sue Kindorf

  4. Jan Landis says:

    I know that the rule of walking on the street is to walk toward the traffic, so that the cars are not coming up behind you. I would just hope that people would use common sense in all cases both cars and people and look out for one another.

  5. Alicia says:

    When there is no sidewalk – you walk against traffic (you see cars coming at you). When bike riding, you ride with traffic and obey same rules as drivers.

  6. Rick Cady says:

    Thank you for the signs! I only wish there were more. On Boones Bend I still see cars zipping along at what appears to be greater than 20 mph and in some cases more like 30 mph. One of my typical walks w my pup is at around in the dark. It’s very unnerving when someone is zipping along.

  7. Barb says:

    I think walking single file is also critical as two abreast with a dog or two fills up a complete lane. Drivers also need to always be aware of blind curves Thanks for bringing this issue forward.

  8. Jan Landis says:


    As a start we purchased four for Fairway and four for Boones Bend. I agree we need to get more for Boones Bend given the length of the road. Unfortunately someone already took/removed a sign from Fairway, not sure why or where it went. We will keep working on solving the speed problems as a board and will most likely add more signs. We want to make sure that all of CHOA is taken care of.

    We are also working with the City of Wilsonville and have a representative coming to the October Board meeting. We want to see if we can officially get the speed limit lower and if they have any suggestion of how we can work with them to solve this safety issue

    Stay tuned, we hope communication and efforts of our residents and city will benefit all of our residents

  9. Jeanie Tankersley says:

    Perhaps speed bumps could be installed on the streets. I have also seen the speed limit painted on the street.

  10. Cherie says:

    Even 20 mph is too fast. Sometimes when driving down our street I feel like I’m speeding but when I look at the speedometer I’m only going 17mph.
    Everyday I have to navigate the blind curve at the north end of Boones Bend with our two pups – there IS no right side of the street on that stretch (!) as cars zoom around the bend. In any case, living in the middle of BB it is a half mile (ok, 4/10ths) in either direction before we can reach the safety of a sidewalk. (It has always galled me that we do not have sidewalks in any of the townhome areas, but that ship has sailed. Poor planning.) Anyyywayyy THANK YOU for the new signs, and yes we need one or two more.

  11. Jan Landis says:

    We have the city coming to our October meeting we will include your suggestions in that discussion. The meeting is always open, and I want to encourage you to attend.

  12. Jan Landis says:


    I totally agree that 25 is too fast for our streets. We have a City representative coming to our meeting in October, would be great if you could attend, in case we need to hear from our community

  13. Cherie says:

    Jan, I would be happy to attend. Please let me when that will be so I can get it on my calendar!

  14. Leslie Ulven says:

    Thank you for the “slow down” signs. A few more might act as reminders on major thruways. I appreciate the lack of sidewalks – it feels like a lovely village when walking around. We walk most every day, see dog walkers, bicycle riders, autos and abandoned wheelchairs.  Most all drivers wave and are cautious regarding the walkers.

  15. Jan Landis says:

    Thanks Leslie

    We have a representative from the City attending our next meeting on October 9th at 6:00 pm. We hope to have some good guidance from them at that time As always we love when our residents attend

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