Please be aware that Paid signature gatherers are in Charbonneau

Hello, everyone,

It has been called to our attention that paid signature gatherers are circulating today in the neighborhood attempting to persuade charbonneau residents to sign a petition that would place a measure on the ballot that would limit terms on the wilsonville city council.  Further, at least one of the paid gatherers is representing herself as working for the Wilsonville City Council.  No matter what your feelings/beliefs about term limits, I am sure you will agree that such representation is both unethical and inappropriate.  The City Council is not advocating anything of the sort.
But as for term limits, I would submit that we already have them in place.  They are called elections. For the City Council, they occur every two years when either two or three councilors are elected.  Artificial term limits, such as those being proposed, are nothing more than attempts to deprive us of much needed expertise, skills, and experience provided by those who have served us for several years.  Please respond as you see fit to these paid signature gatherers.
Bob Harland
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