Please Read – Important information on increase of Rodents and Possible Water problems

Please help CHOA maintain our livability.  RATS have been seen and confirmed around (and in some cases below) some houses

We believe this is due to residents feeding the wildlife.

There is only one birdseed that can be used that will not attract Rodents

Janet MCGarrigle did some research to find out what to do:

 I called Backyard Bird Shop where we have been purchasing bird seed for quite a while.  We have only had trouble with one bold squirrel which we have been turning the hose on to scare off.  We have been diligent about cleaning off any spilled seed from our deck surface.  However, we agree that we now need to take further steps.  I learned today  there is a birdseed available that squirrels, rats, skunks, raccoons, and other mammals will not eat – but birds love it.  It’s called:

“HOT MEATS” may be found at:

Backyard Bird Shop

22000 Willamette Drive

West Linn, Or



We do not want Rodents to overtake CHOA, please store your birdseed, that you may already own, in heavy duty containers with lids, clean any left over seed off of decks, etc.

***Golf information:   The golf course is putting in updated irrigation controllers, this MAY cause a disruption in the irrigation around your house.  Have Patience, it will come back on.  In the interim call Steve (see info below) and plan on hand watering until the system is fully upgraded

Steve Chinn
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(Cell) 503-312-0927 – (Office) 503-682-0234