Pool season is here! Please note that the CHOA Pools will be open starting this Saturday May 25th

Please note that Summer must be here!  The Pools are opening on Saturday, May 25th for the Season.

Please remember the Pool Rules and be safe and enjoy.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Save the Date- Rec Hall C Open House -Saturday June 15th

Please note that the CHOA Board is hosting an Open House at Rec Hall C on Saturday, June 15th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm to give neighbors a chance to check out the new Kitchen and see this great CHOA resource.

We hope to see you there!



4/29/19 Annual Meeting information for those who were not able to attend

New board members and positions:

Randy Hitz – Secretary

Doug Parker – Governance and Legal Committee (New Position)

Robin Shultz – Ad Hoc Committee Member

Randy Hitz

Doug Parker

Robin Shultz                                  

Click on each link to view a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.  You will need to use your up and down arrows to view:

Update and Accomplishments for CHOA 2019 PDF format

Joe Brouilette – update on the golf course PDF format of Powerpoint

Jay Puppo – 2019/2020 CHOA Insurance (PDF Format)

Eric Hoem update on Emergency Preparedness (PDF Format)

Each of the question that brought up during our Open Forum were addressed at our board meeting on May 8th:

  • Concern about the speed of traffic on Fairway Dr and the safety of walkers especially
    • Many of the board members took the time to drive at different speeds on Fairway Dr and observe the speed limit in other parts of Charbonneau.  It was felt that the speed of 25 miles per hour was too fast for our small street, even though it is an accepted speed in Residential Areas.
    • Robin Shultz our new Ad Hoc member will work with Karen Lourie and the City of Wilsonville to solve the problem; hopefully new signage
  • Parking on the street and concern about the need for safety of emergency vehicles access
    • Robin Shultz and Steve Chinn will work with the City of Wilsonville to see if we can get more No Parking signs on our streets
  • The current gutter cleaning schedule, request to have it earlier.  Now scheduled for January and February
    • Steve Chinn will work with the contractor to see if we can move our one, per year, Gutter cleaning to November and December
  • Chimney’s in need of cleaning
    • Ron Reiter and Steve will do a drive through our neighborhoods to look at both Chimney’s and Roofs and then send letters to residents who need to clean the moss/mold from the External Chimney area or Roof area.  A suggested contract list will be provided with each letter.
    • External ascetic’s is important to maintain value of all our homes



May 8th Board Meeting Agenda


2019 May CHOA Monthly Meeting

Wednesday – 5/8/19 – 10:00 am


10:00 AM – Welcome and Call to Order

  • Note for guest: Please remember this is a board meeting, guest are not to interrupt unless asked to speak by the chairman. If you do have a concern, it is best to put your concern in writing prior to the board meeting so that the board will have time to thoughtfully consider your concern. – Thank You

**Minutes from March Meeting Approval –ALL

**Treasurer’s Report:  –Sandie Maki

10:15 AM – Old Business

  • Rec Hall C Kitchen Open House on June 15th – ALL
    • Any repairs, etc that need to be done
    • Per Janet – Light fixtures hanging from the ceiling are really dusty, carpet looks pretty dirty, wash woodwork and windows at the front door. As promised, I will shop for a new bulletin board
  • Painting update
  • Process for informing for next painting – paint chips available, etc.
  • Ballots for 2020 Annual Meeting = see note from Ann about Arbor Lakes
    • Discussion for next year’s meeting and how the voting went
  • Fairway pathway  Discussion – All

10:30 AM – New Business

  • Annual meeting report – Attendance per Ann – about 91 residents
    • Q&A Question to be addressed
      • Speed of cars on Fairway
      • Parking on Fairway – signage at Boones Bend/Fairway. More no parking signs on Fairway
      • Gutters – cleaning schedule
      • Chimney inspections for 2019
    • Reserve Study Report – Steve and Sandie

11:30 AM – Open Forum

  • Questions from Resident Attendees
  • Questions from “Ask the Board”


*Executive Session (as needed) –* Need to vote to move to executive meeting

** No need to approve by vote monthly minutes or treasurers report

Information only:

  • Monthly article for Villager, (written by Jan) Ideas for articles: Serve with Love, Beautification, Modernization, Maintenance, Community, Outreach to Highschool and College