House Painting coming to Areas F and G in April- Information on your color choices

Please note that F & G Neighborhoods are scheduled to start being painted in early April (weather permitting).  There will be a meeting Tuesday March 5th at Rec Hall C from 4 pm – 6 pm to go over House Paint and Trim colors and the forms needed to be completed by you and your Neighbors.

If you are unable to attend, here are the color combinations and a list of houses with those colors so you can see in person what they look like on a house.

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  1. Anne Sterling Bush says:

    I may be mistaken, but isn’t F & G Neighborhoods the Fairway Dr /Lake Point Circle areas???
    I am looking at my e-mail and see on the announcement just recently posted, that all the names of the A,B,C,and E Neighborhoods are mentioned in a scroll down listing sheet by Lots that is attached to that e-mail. None are the F or G areas.

    I guess I am confused. The website of “CHOA online” mentions the F&G areas are what is mentioned above.
    If I remember right, this area was done about 5-6 years ago. I could be wrong????

  2. Barry Hendrix says:

    Great question. Yes- F & G areas are being painted this year. Since the rest of CHOA has already been painted, you can walk around those area and see what other homeowners have done. That is why the list of addresses and color schemes were provided.

  3. SHARON KADELL says:

    Do you know where the painting will begin? Some of us are in the desert and won’t be home until the first of May.

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