Bark Dust used for Moss and Weed Control

Please note that CHOA landscaping will soon implement a moss and weed control program.  We will begin in January (weather permitting) by spraying the moss that is growing in the planting areas along our street front properties. Then in mid to late January, once the spray has had time to work, we will spread bark dust on the planting areas between the street and your courtyards. We will not be going along the paths that run beside your yards.  We hope to be able to repeat this program next year for the planting areas on the golf course side.

If you don’t wish to have bark spread in your yard, please let us know. 

Karen Siegel- Board Landscape Manager

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  1. Marilyn Gatto says:

    The bark is beautiful but are they planning to come back and clean. I can’t walk through the entrance of my house because of all the bark left on my walkway

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