Future Kitchen at the Rec Hall – Let us know what you think

The board has been investigating the costs and possibility of having a Kitchen at the Rec Hall on Lafayette St.  We now have a drawing (draft) and have some estimated costs that match our budget and feel it is a plausible endeavor

Now that we have more information, we wanted to inform our residents to make sure that a kitchen is something that would be of value to all and to capture any additional ideas.

Because our master cabinet maker, who did the drawings, is leaving in October, we need to get a final OK back to him soon, so any feedback needs to be given in the next week or two.

On  September 20th, Thursday afternoon at 2:00pm, we are having an informal meeting at the Rec Hall to discuss the Kitchen.  We will have the drawings there to view.

If you are interested in seeing the drawings or just would like to be part of the discussion, please let us know so that we can plan on your attendance

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  1. Annette Stixrud says:

    Having had several events in the Rec Hall, I can attest to the fact that a kitchen would be a very welcome addition! It is a lovely space and so helpful when I have too many people for our home.

  2. Cheri Emahiser says:

    Perhaps a sink, placed on a small counter space with enough space for a small and large coffee pot, a small under sink hot water heater, a hotel sized refrigerator and a low shelf for a microwave and another for a few items would suffice. I would put the rest of the budget towards new carpeting and a nicer interior décor. The space could be much more inviting with lovely art for the walls and maybe some upgraded window treatments. Shelving and cupboards could be built into the closet and things better organized or cleaned out of that space. Hooks on the wall for coats would be nice. The purchase of a smaller vacuum would be a better fit in the closet.

    The proposed kitchen as planned with lots of cupboards appears to take up lots of space. I think the focus should be on efficiency and an inviting room.

    Consider the small sink, counter, coffee space and refrigerator you find in hotel rooms. Make the space no bigger than that. Then clean out and redesign the existing interior closet space with shelving and labels for a minimum of necessary items.

    More cupboards to be stacked with stuff should not be the goal of this expenditure.

  3. Debra Schramm says:

    I have lived here for 15 years and have never used this facility. While that is by choice I believe there are other residents in a similar position. I”m unclear of the costs of these upgrades or how ithey will be funded, but wonder if there might be a project that would benefit a broader group of residents.

  4. Jan Landis says:

    Debra – I encourage you to attend the informal meeting this Thursday 9/20 at 2:00pm. We have a wonderful amenity here in CHOA with the Rec Hall. You will have your questions answered and have an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have.

    Jan Landis

  5. Julie O'Connor says:

    I know I’m Very late with these comments, but I thought I’d reply anyway.
    I have used the Rec Hall several times. We are so lucky to have such a great facility for parties, family gatherings or games, and as much as I appreciate it , I agree that a kitchen would be a wonderful addition. (Water, small, frig and micro at least.)
    Thank you for addressing this issue, and good luck.

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