There is an Alligator in my pool (and now ants)

The Ducks have decided that some of our pools are new ponds for them to play in.  Ducks are fun, except when they leave reminders of their visit.

To help keep the pools clean of “debris” we  recently purchased an Articulating Alligator to see if this device would discourage the ducks.  The pool we chose to trial the alligator in was F&G pool.  Unfortunately, the Alligator was viewed as a toy and ended up in pieces in the surrounding yard.

Karen Siegel was able to reassemble the Alligator so that we can continue to use it.

Please if you see the Alligator in your pool, it is not a toy.

I know that for some the Alligator can be a temptation.  If you need to, you can remove the Alligator device while you are in the pool.  Ducks don’t usually land when people are present.  Just remember to put the Alligator back in before you leave.


Thanks for your help.

While we’re on the subject of keeping our pools clean………

Remember, there is no eating in the pool area.

We do have a service that helps keep our pools clean and usable.  That said, food debris attracts ants and other wildlife.  In addition to the regular pool cleaning service paid for out of your HOA dues, treatment for ants is an extra cost that should not be needed if food is only consumed in areas outside of the pool.



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