Irrigation change on Fairway and Boones Bend

Because of the construction on Boones Bend and Fairway a main line was broken on Friday, so the houses on the south side of Fairway will not have Irrigation water this weekend.

Fairway Dr addresses affected

8260, 8250, 8240, 8220, 8210, 8200, 8180, 8150, 8140, 8100, 8090, 8080 & 8070 

A golf cart or something like it hit a filter late Friday afternoon on the golf course side of Red 5. Because of the damage Garron was forced to turn the irrigation off on Boones Bend, and it can’t be fixed till Monday.

Boones Bend addresses affected 

32465, 32445, 32435, 32425,32395, 32375, 32355, 32345, 32305, 32287,32279, 32271, 32255 & 32251 

The plan is to have all this fixed by the end of the day Monday.

If you have questions Please contact Steve Chinn

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  1. Steve Perry says:

    Not on your list, but noticed this morning that a sprinkler head came off a riser and shot water in the air about 6:30am until the sprinkler cycled off. Our address is 8274 SW Lafayette Way. The sprinkler head is located on the SE corner of our property on the golf course side. Just under the Dog Wood Tree.
    Hate to see water wasted.
    Steve Perry

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