What to do if you spot Honey Bees in CHOA

Please note that Honey Bees have been spotted in CHOA.

Here is a note from one of our neighbors – “Yesterday, Sunday May 27th…….Memorial Day weekend I was sitting by the F & G Pool about 4:00 when I noticed a swarm of bees on the side of the pool house.  They just appeared and swarmed for 30 to 60 minutes and then gathered on a bush to rest.  I thought they looked like honey bees (and they were).  I know that we shouldn’t destroy bees……….just report them.  Well, on Memorial weekend you can imagine how hard is was to get ahold of anyone for a non-emergency call.  Finally, I was in touch with “Debbie” in Woodland Washington (Preservation Bee Keeping) who gave me a local # (503-649-8577).  A very nice lady came out and was very happy that no one had tried to destroy the bees.  She gathered them in a box and asked if she could leave it over night, since as the weather cools most of the bees will get in the box.  She came before 7:00am this morning and took her bees”.

In addition, there is a Daniel Kovac who also works with bees.  He can be contacted is 503-628-1236.

Please do not destroy Honey Bees.  Please call one of the two numbers in this Post if you see Honey Bees.