CHOA Alarm Proposal Fails

As you know, the Board of CHOA conducted a vote of homeowners on whether you wanted to amend our Bylaws to eliminate the requirement that CHOA provide monitoring of alarm service to homeowners.  If passed, this would have resulted in each homeowner being responsible for payment of the monitoring of their own security system and your monthly HOA fees would have been reduced by $13 each month.

We have a total of 228 homesites with each home getting 1 vote.  In order to amend our Bylaws, we needed 75% approval or 171 yes votes.  We received 157 Yes votes and 38 No Votes with 33 homes not voting.  Therefore, we did not get enough votes to pass this measure.

The Board still feels like this is the right approach and may try another vote in the future.

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or need more information

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  1. Bonnie House says:

    This is very disappointing! Did the residents that voted no get quotes from alarm companies that were substantially higher than the amount in their HOA fees? I’m sure the alarm company is thrilled as they will continue to collect this exorbitant sum of money. I’m appreciative to the board for their efforts to correct this situation which apparently has been going on for many years. I, for one, am acutely attuned to the amount we pay here for the two HOA dues. It is very expensive. (How about amending the bylaws to 60% or so approval which seems more realistic and is greater than a simple majority.) I hope the board will try again to get this measure passed.

  2. Tom Pyle says:

    The document being amended is the CC&Rs, not the Bylaws. And see Article XIV, Section 5 regarding the percentage needed to amend for the first 25 years of the amended CC&Rs (90%).

  3. Jan Crawford says:

    Wish you would let this go….but Idoubt you will….which just like the airport noise thisisn’t over…Jan & Jessie and Flossie

  4. JDM says:

    If “The Board still feels like this is the right approach” please do not sign up for a new term on the board. You obviously have an agenda. I also hope that none of you are neighbors and share walls with the townhome I own, because you probably have not upgraded your security systems and become compliant with our bylaws. If you can not afford $13 a month for home security, maybe Charbonneau is not for you.

  5. James Donovan says:

    You might try again during the time when the most people are residing in Charbonneau. There are probably a good number gone for winter now.

  6. Bonnie House says:

    Regarding JDM’s reply, please clarify his statement that our security system must be upgraded to be compliant with the bylaws. Is a security system required? Thank you.

  7. Jan Landis says:

    Bonnie Thanks for your question. If you go to page 28 of the information directory, I’m not able to copy it for you where I am, you will find the answer to your question. Please feel free to attend any of our board meetings, 2nd Wednesday of each month, I find that this is the best way to get information and have your questions answered. We the board appreciate and welcome any of our residents to our meetings. Our next meeting is March 14th. If you decide to come, please plan on attending at 10:30 am, the meeting starts at 10 but the first 1/2 hour is for business (approval of minutes, etc) – Jan Landis

  8. Jan Crawford says:

    I don’t care about security…I care about fire! If you give up fire alerts then the choa should require everyone who lives in attached housing to prove every year that they have a fire alert system that we now enjoy..after the Eggleston’s fire,many of us worry what will happen to us that live in attached housing. Stand alone can be on their own but when you rely on two to three other households to be safe it is scary to know there is no alert system…and many people are gone for lengths of time….how can you assure some of us that this will be covered or are we just going to play Russian Roulette with our homes? Jan Crawford

  9. Ty Kuhns says:


    That CHOA board members spends countless of volunteered hours addressing concerns of its residents. That is the board’s AGENDA. One concern brought to the board was the monitoring of our alarm/security system. The results are in and published. My name is Ty Kuhns, currently on the board, and my vote was no.

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