CHOA Alarm Proposal Fails

As you know, the Board of CHOA conducted a vote of homeowners on whether you wanted to amend our Bylaws to eliminate the requirement that CHOA provide monitoring of alarm service to homeowners.  If passed, this would have resulted in each homeowner being responsible for payment of the monitoring of their own security system and your monthly HOA fees would have been reduced by $13 each month.

We have a total of 228 homesites with each home getting 1 vote.  In order to amend our Bylaws, we needed 75% approval or 171 yes votes.  We received 157 Yes votes and 38 No Votes with 33 homes not voting.  Therefore, we did not get enough votes to pass this measure.

The Board still feels like this is the right approach and may try another vote in the future.

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or need more information