Alarm System assessment

In response to the letter from your board asking if you as a resident would like us to do more investigation on monitoring of alarm systems in CHOA,  the overwhelming response was that you would like us to gather more information.

In response to our CHOA residents request,  you will soon receive analarm assessment form as the next step in this process.   Please fill this form out and return to us so that we will have correct information on what is already in place in your home.

Return your form per the instructions on the bottom of the form, either to the CHOA mailbox on Boones Bend, or you can scan and email your form to

I have attached a copy of the form to this post,  if you for some reason did not receive the form, you can print it and return per the instructions on the bottom of the form

This is a very important next step for your board and for you.  We need your help in getting everyone to return the completed alarm assessment form.

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  1. JIM REYNOLDS says:

    I have the original fire alarm system in my house 7971 SW Sacajawea Way ( there is a brown box in the utility room, and two doorbell like buttons on the ceiling).One in the Kitchen and one near the Fireplace.
    Jim Reynolds 503-358-7700

  2. Bud Wenke says:

    I did not receive a survey letter but downloaded a copy and sent it by email to the specified address. B Wenke 8469 SW Lafayette Way

  3. Jan Landis says:

    Thanks Bud, not sure why you did not receive a survey by postal mail. Last time some received the letter a week or two later.

    But I did receive your information and it has been recorded – Thank you Jan

  4. Jan Landis says:

    Jim – If you could we need to also see what type of services you have? Police, Fire, Med Alert with your system. Also, what monitoring company your system is using and when the last testing of the system was

    Thanks – This is important information as we assess where we are as a HOA


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