Alarm system Open Letter – Please respond with a short Yes or No

You Received an Open Letter on the Alarm System

If you have already responded by email that’s great.  If you would rather just respond as a comment online, this is just another way to respond.

The purpose of this post and the letter is to hear from our 228 residents about their desire to investigate changing or maintaining the current CC&Rs related to the Alarm System monitoring.  


The current step is to gather a tally Yay/Nay responses

Questions or Next steps should be addressed in an email to Jan Landis, not on the website.

We will give a report after two weeks of Yay/Nay responses received.

Information:  If you have a landline, you may be connected to the Alarm monitoring system that is managed by Wilsonville Lock and Security, they could not tell me who was or was not.

You may want to call Wilsonville Lock and Security to see if you are truly connected


46 replies
  1. Dennis Mefford says:

    I am interested in seeing our CC&Rs changed to relieve the responsibility of a centrized monitoring system.

  2. Eric Hoem says:

    We live in a townhouse with shared walls. I like the extra security of knowing that we all have a working alarm system. If I lived in a stand -lone home, I would want my own system, but sharing walls means sharing responsibility to me. I favor keeping the HOA system and finding ways to improve it. In addition, I want to know what will happen to insurance rates for the various scenarios.

  3. Cathie Czar says:

    I’m not terribly invested either way, but am leaning away from a centrally monitored system.

  4. Cindy Medema-Hook says:

    I would vote for changing the CC&R’s to allow each resident to acquire there own monitoring system.

  5. Harry & Linda Backeberg says:

    We have a separate alarm system and was unaware that there was even a central system. We would vote for changing the CC&R’S and putting that money to a better use.

  6. Janet Moore says:

    I agree with Eric Holm.
    I have a substantial discount on my insurance because of the monitored system. What is the status on the blanket policy for our buildings? Will that premium increase?
    If the monitoring thru CHOA is discontinued, will our dues be reduced accordingly?

  7. Jan Crawford says:

    Jan Crawford, Jessie Taft, Flossie Sexton and Jackie Peters all want to stay with the way it is set up now. I don’t know how this is going to work with so many home owners with different opinions. Jan C.

  8. Sandra Wenke says:

    My husband and I strongly feel the CC&Rs should not be changed for several reasons. First, the cost of alarm monitoring presently paid is far less than most systems. Second, by having an alarm system, our insurance rate is lower. Third, having an alarm system provides us with a small discount on our home insurance. But most important, mandating an alarm system for all of us is critical as we have shared walls. If a fire starts in an unoccupied townhouse, unless reported it could spread to all the connected units and puts all of us at risk.

  9. Wes & Kaye Waldron says:

    We would vote also for changing the CC & R’s to allow each resident to acquire and be financially responsible for
    their own security monitoring.

  10. Larry Kent says:

    We are using Wilsonville security and are pleased with them.
    Let the homeowners take care of their own security.

  11. Ken Gregson says:

    We love the current system-It works very well and is inexpensive. When we bought our townhouse over two years ago, our system was inactive and in need of repair. We were encouraged to activate the CHOA system by Steve Chin. Wilsonville Security was very helpful in making all the necessary maintenance to activate at a reasonable cost. The monthly cost per CHOA town home is very inexpensive. We will vote to keep the current system for both of our CHOA town homes! Ken & Camille Gregson

  12. Schuyler Wallace says:

    This is a difficult issue for the BOD. As a retired fire chief, I know that this community of common walls and roofs must have a fire alarm alerting system that protects everyone. The provision must be retained in the CC&Rs and updated to ensure that all residents comply.

  13. Pat and Eva Parisi says:

    Do not change the CC&Rs. Centralized monitoring is an essential risk management tool for common wall homes … especially when residents are often away for months. Wilsonville Lock provides good service, is priced right, and wants our business. Insurance rates are presently discounted and would rise if the centralized arrangement is cancelled. Develop controls to ensure every CHOA residence is hooked up to the existing system.

    Eva and Pat Parisi

  14. Jay Anderson says:

    If we can continue to get a reduction in insurance premiums without the CC&R then we are for each homeowner supplying their own alarm system.

  15. Karen Siegel says:

    I wish to stay with the centralized system that we have. I like the fact that it provides emergency activation keys for fire, police and emt. I didn’t receive your letter and I wonder if others didn’t as well. Before you move forward to change the CCRs I think you need to have an informational meeting with CHOA members so that we have are able to make fully informed decisions. And I would hope our contract with Wilsonville Security has been thoroughly reviewed to be sure there aren’t penalties, etc should the board decide to cancel.

  16. JDM says:

    I am opposed to changing our current system. For those unaware, our dues already pay for the monthly fee and all you need is a land line. If your system is not compatible, Wilsonville Lock can upgrade it to suit your needs. I purchased a wearable device (panic button) before open heart surgery that wirelessly connects to my system. Besides I seriously doubt, that if dropped, my dues will go down or our money will be spent in a better way.

  17. Jim McKenna says:

    Jim and I feel strongly that we need more information before we would want to vote. Jan, I appreciate how much time you have spent in research but there are still many questions to be answered. Hopefully with more information a clear choice will emerge. Barb McKenna

  18. Jan Landis says:


    The board is just gathering information at this point. More information will be the next steps, after that an official vote. We just want to make sure that we are doing due diligence for all of our 228 residents. When you as a board see that you are spending $3000 a month, you want to make sure that everyone is benefiting from that expenditure

  19. B Wenke says:

    Based on the letter from Wilsonville Lock and Security as well as with my own experience both using and researching alarm systems, the original letter we received from CHOA, it appears that what we were advised (the system is outdated and no longer can server the entire HOA) is incorrect. I feel strongly about any change without having all the facts. Why not have a representative of Wilsonville Lock appear at the next Board meeting to answer questions from the Board as well as our membership? Further, in our Arizona home we have an alarm system provided by Protection One and currently pay $130 quarterly, which is a LOT more than the $13.06 per month currently being paid to Wilsonville Lock.

  20. Jan Landis says:

    The letter from the CHOA Board was to ask the residents of CHOA if they would like the board to investigate the current CC&Rs that address the payment to a monitoring company. So far the majority response is that the residents of CHOA would like to have the board do further investigation. As part of the process the board will invite Wilsonville Lock and Security to a board meeting. Per our process, this invite will not be our next meeting, probably it will be October

  21. James Frinell says:

    We live in a tri-plex home on Fairway Drive. We have been very satisfied with the monitoring system provided by Wilsonville Lock and Security.

    According to a follow-up letter they sent, there is no problem with continuing their service even though other systems have been installed by new homeowners.

    Therefore, we would like to continue with the current system and continued payment through our CHOA dues.

    James and Mary Frinell

  22. Steve Perry says:

    Several questions:
    1-How many of our homeowners systems are connected and functioning. I understand some are not functioning or have not functioned. Some may have been removed.
    2-The system was designed to work with a landline. Many people I know do not have a landline. Are we paying for a service that requires a landline? Could Wilsonville Lock & Security provide the service with cell phone based system; like Simply Safe?
    3-Can Wilsonville Lock & Security tell the board, from their alarm monitoring stating how many of our alarms are connected and functioning?

  23. Jan Landis says:


    Those are all very good questions. We will discuss ways that we can obtain the information you are asking at our next board meeting. Possible may be another letter to gather information from each home owner about the current system that they have.

    More to come in the next months

  24. Mick Hergert says:

    I have met with the Wilsonville service rep in my home and I am satisfied that they are and will continue to fully monitor the system for fire and all emergencies at a reasonable cost within our HOA dues. They will be installing another smoke detector in our attic soon, a nice suggestion on their part since we have seen an attic fire in our neighborhood in the recent past.

  25. John & Judie Woodhouse says:

    We’re a little confused about what prompted this issue to begin with. We are completely satisfied with the service we’ve received so far from Wilsonville Lock and Security and agree with all the comments which favor staying with this same company.

  26. Dick Henderson says:

    Our Wilsonville Lock system works and ” if not broke don’t fix it”. The cost is reasonable, the others are not.

  27. Janette and Mike Walsh says:

    Our first response to the letter from CHOA was to discontinue service. However, since receiving the letter from Wilsonville Lock and Key we have a better understanding of the service they supply and want to continue it. Having a rep. from Wilsonville Lock and Key at one of the CHOA meetings to explain how the system works sounds like a good idea although it never hurts to investigate alternatives.

  28. Jan Landis says:

    We are planning on inviting someone from Wilsonville Lock and Security to our October meeting. Because of the great response to our letter with the majority asking to continue the investigation your broad will continue to investigate to increase our knowledge of the best solution

  29. Jan Landis says:

    The simple answer is that CHOA dues are paying for 228 residents to be monitored. Wilsonvile Lock and Security could not tell us exactly who they are monitoring. Because of the great response from our residents and the request to continue to investigate, our next step as a board will be to find out exactly which of our residents are being monitored by Wilsonville Lock and what other systems are in homes, and what we can do to best serve all our 228 residents.

  30. Jim Gibbons says:

    Without a central system, how can I be certain (and safe) that my roommates actually have fire protection and are current with the program. If their unit catches on fire I want to be notified ASAP rather than wait for a firetruck to show up next door. If there is a way to guarantee that all unit have coverage, great. This is not a matter of how we spend our personal budgets – more what is our responsibility to others in the community.
    We have made sure we are monitored.

  31. Jan Landis says:

    Thanks for your comment, fire is a concern from many of those who responded to our first survey. At our board meeting today (Wednesday, Sept 13th) the Alarm system monitoring question was discussed. Our next step as a board will be to assess our 228 residents and gain knowledge of what residents have in their homes. After the assessment the next step will be to invite Wilsonville Lock and Security to our meeting. The question of what we can “require” our residents to include as part of their system will at some point be discussed with our attorney.

  32. Carol Hanson says:

    I am satisfied with Wilsonville Lock and Security monitoring the alarm system and wish to remain with them.

    Carol Hanson

  33. Jan Landis says:

    You are correct, we believe there are a lot of homes that have no system. Our next step as a board is to send another letter to assess what our residents actually have. You’ll receive a letter in the next few weeks asking for this information. This is an important assessment, so if you speak with neighbors, be sure to encourage them to respond – Thanks for your comments

  34. Bonnie House says:

    I just moved to this neighborhood about a week ago. I was not aware that these homes have alarm systems but now I do. I think the one in my home might not be operationnal. My concern would be the need to have a landline. I discontinued that service quite a few years ago and am happy I did. I don’t want the expense of adding it back in addition to paying the hefty HOA dues. I think the board should look into making this system work with cell phones.

  35. Joann Linville says:

    The letter requesting a vote was very unclear on what the vote is for. It does not specify that a yes or no is asking the Board to move forward with a next step. Clearly, the letter is requesting a yes or no on ‘the amendment’ which was not defined. I am reluctant to vote yes or no on something do nebulous. If the Board was asking members if they should move forward to review this issue further, that should have been clearly stated in the letter. I think this current vote is misguided due to the lack of clarity. What are we being asked to approve?

  36. Jan Landis says:


    I am not sure what you are asking here or what you are unclear about. On the Ballot we are asking for a Yes or No vote. A Yes vote on the ballot you received will remove the requirement that CHOA will continue to pay for the alarm monitoring cost which currently cost CHOA $35719.20 annually.

  37. Joann Linville says:

    Jan – what is the actual language of the amendment? I did not see that on the ballot. Can you please provide that to me so I know what I am voting for? Since this has individual financail and safety implications for each o the homeowners in CHOA, I believe we need to see the actual language in the amendment so we can make an informed vote. I am uncomfortable with a “trust us” approach to a change in the CHOA Declaration.

  38. Jan Landis says:

    Per previous information sent to all residents, the language can be found on page 48 of the CC&Rs Article XII Section 12. The wording that will be removed with a yes vote is: “all cost of monitoring the security system shell be paid by the association”. There is no safety implication as Security systems that are installed in homeowners residence will remain. Right now CHOA is paying for 228 homes, when to our findings over the last several months only about 74 are being monitored

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