Garron Grounds will be spraying for Bluegrass BillBug and Crane Fly – Please do not allow your dog or children on the grass

Bluegrass billbug larvae

Crane Fly larvae

Garron Grounds will be spraying for both Bluegrass Billbug and Crane Fly on Thursday and Friday.  It is best to not let children or pets on the lawn after treatment, until the lawn has been watered and is dry.   Thursday will be a perfect day for them to spray, as the weather channel has promised rain, followed by a few days of dry weather.

Both the Billbug and the Crane Fly eat the roots and the crowns of the grass, causing brown spots within the lawn.  After the spraying is complete Garron will be fertilizing and re-seeding to ensure that we don’t have brown spots (caused by the pest) for long

Aphids and Ladybugs

Also, if you notice bags on some trees:

Garron is releasing 300,000 lady bugs.  Bags filled with ladybugs are attached to the trees, the lady bug  climbs up the tree and eats the aphids attached to the tree.  You may remember last year some sap dripping off trees in our area.  We had some on our patio that looked like drops of rain or sprinkler spray.  According to Ken (Garron Grounds) a aphid can eat 50 times their weight and cause your trees to respond with a dripping sap.

What’s great about the Aphid treatment, is that it is a considered a “Beneficial insect” as they will not hurt the bees that we need.  Ken is really excited to use Ladybugs, instead of insecticides.


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