New information from Zach Weigel on City of Wilsonville Storm drain/Sewer Construction

Email from Zach Weigel:

Good Morning,


I wanted to give you an update on the construction schedule for the Charbonneau Utility Repair work as I am sure many of you are wondering why construction has not started yet.  Recently, the City’s contractor requested that the construction schedule be delayed a couple of months to better align with their pipe lining subcontractor’s schedule.  Pipe lining is very specialized work, which is becoming more and more popular as a solution to repairing older pipelines.  As a result, scheduling contractors that specialize in pipe lining is becoming difficult.


Instead of starting the construction work now and then waiting until the pipe lining contractor is available, the City has requested the Contractor delay the start of construction to better align with the pipe lining schedule.  This will lessen the amount of total construction time and impacts to the residents.


I had been waiting to send a project update until the details of the construction schedule change are resolved with the Contractor, but I realize that we are almost two weeks beyond the original start date.  As soon as the construction schedule is resolved, I will send you an update and provide updated notice to residents within the construction areas.  I apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you,


Zachary J. Weigel, PE
Civil Engineer

City of Wilsonville

Check Your Disaster Preparedness Kit for a possible leak of Waterless gel

At our Annual meeting on Monday 4/24, Eric Hoem and Mike Tewell set up a great display of Earthquake information and disaster supplies.  Eric was showing his Quake-Ready Kit to a person interested and found that one of the packets had been leaking.  The small bottles of antiseptic hand cleaner had leaked into the zip bag it was in and destroyed several components, including the First Aid booklet, waterproof matches, and packaged hand wipes, and covering the rest with hand cleaner goo.
Eric contacted Lee Montalvo, the supplier, and he is mailing replacement items to Eric for his kit.  Because of this discovery Eric thought any folks who have purchased a Quake-Ready Kit should think about checking the contents of their kits.  For anyone finding a problem the contact information for the Quake-Ready kit is: Lee Montalvo, 360-791-7746 and

Fairway Drive Work Delayed one week (City of Wilsonville replacement of sewers and storm drains)

You probably already guessed …. The Fairway Dr/Boones Bend Rd has been delayed a week.  I spoke with Zachary (Civil Engineer for the project) today and he stated that they are having a meeting on Thursday and there will more complete information on Friday on the Website   New Start date Monday April 24th


Some of you may have received  letters from the city describing  the next area of Charbonneau to be included in the sewer, water and storm drain projects. This April through August the city will be replacing sewers and some storm drains. The project which effects CHOA will be starting on Boones Bend at its first intersection with French Prairie down to Fairway, then up Fairway to 8065 SW Fairway Dr.

Since Boones Bend and Fairway Dr are well traveled roads I thought it would be good to let everyone know about the coming construction.

Construction will start April 17th, there will  likely be no access to Fairway Dr from the French Prairie 1st entrance into Charbonneau, think about taking the 2nd entrance to Charbonneau if you need to visit anyone on Fairway Dr, especially between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm from April 17th April 24th through August 2017.

There may be a shortage of guest parking during the day on some of Fairway Dr and Boones Bend as those who live on Fairway may need to use the guest parking areas during construction.

Access to more information can be found at


2017 Annual Meeting – Important that all attend

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday 4/24/17 at 7:00 pm at the Charobonneau Country Club.   Please plan to attend this important meeting


  • Introduction of  Current Board Members
  • Election of New Board Members
  • Guest Speaker
  • Minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting for approval
  • Financial Report
  • Updates and Accomplishments
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Homeowners Open Forum

We will have a raffle and coffee and cookies, so it will be both a good time and an informative time, so be sure to attend