New Pruning Program

Per homeowner requests, A new Pruning Program is going to be implemented this next year, which will change the schedule and amount of pruning done.


  • All window-viewing areas and overgrown plants will be cleaned up.
  • Fertilization will be changed so that plants will be green and nice looking, but not growing out too much.
  • Because this is a new program some of your plants will possibly look bad for a while until they grow new foliage
    • If you don’t wish to be part of this pruning, you have the option of being on a No Prune list and that means you will need to do your own pruning and haul it away.
    • Every one will be pruned alike. If the home owner wants one shrub pruned or not too much off another shrub and so on PLEASE CONTACT STEVE CHINN (503-682-0234) not the Garon’s Grounds employee.
  • Specific concerns can be brought to the attention of Steve, who will work with Ralph  Martin to seek the best course of action.

More Safety Alerts – Country Club warning and reminder to stay safe on the streets

On December 22nd I sent out an announcement of recent robberies in our neighborhood.  Below are two more Safety Concerns:    Please see two articles below:


From the Country Club:

(Hopefully you all received this announcement from Kim at the country club.  We are asking all of our residents to be aware and to report suspicious activity).

Charbonneau Residents:

The CCC office has received numerous reports of a woman knocking on doors asking for a ride to get medicine or for cash to pay for medicine. Some residents report she has a child with her.

For your safety, please do not give her a ride and CCC suggests not giving her money. Although she is not committing a crime by asking for help, residents should call the police non-emergency number (503-655-8211) immediately if the child seems distressed or is not clothed properly, or the woman refuses to leave your property.

The woman is a guest of a tenant at Haven Apartments. The Wilsonville Police Dept. is aware of this situation.

From a resident of Charbonneau with a concern for walkers safety:

FYI on two occasions on the same day I was driving out Fairway Drive. On both occasions it was dark and I drove up on couples walking too far into the middle of the street, walking with the traffic, and dressed in dark clothing.  I actually saw one of the couples only at the last minute.
No flashlight, no concern of where they were in the street, no reflection material on their clothes.  Big time accident waiting to happen.
Mick Hergert

Yard Debris – New information to be more in compliance with Charbonneau HOA’s

To be more in line with other HOA’s in Charbonneau, and being good Stewards of your CHOA  Dues, the board has decided to no longer provide yard debris or Christmas tree pickup by our grounds-keeping staff (Garron Grounds).  To that end:

  • Garron Grounds will no longer pick up Yard Debris.


  • We suggest all residents  use the debris containers provided by the garbage service (currently Republic) for their landscape trimmings.
    •  Republic provides the lawn debris can to all customers for free.  If you do not have a can please contact Republic to obtain a can.


  • Those without a can or with excess debris (more than your debris can will hold) can put a filled black garbage bag next to their garbage can for pick up.  Republic Services will charge $6 per bag for this pick up as trash.


  • Collection of Christmas trees or other debris (trash) found in the planting or parking areas will be billed to the homeowner at the rate of $51.50 per cubic yard/per hour.
    • This is what Garron charges your HOA for  removal of excess  Debris, which is then paid out of your dues.  (An extra Black garbage bag @$6. per bag is a much more economical choice).

Stay alert and report any suspicious activity

According to the Country Club, this last Sunday there were three robberies of Christmas decorations from outside of residents homes in Charbonneau.  Outdoor Christmas lights and a wreath.

The cost of these items was not great, however, we ask that you call the Wilsonville Police if you have been robbed or noticed any activity around your home,  so that a record of events can be documented.  It may be that these were just pranks, but we do not want any escalation because of a perceived lack of concern.

Please report by calling:Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211, this is the non-emergency number

There will be no 2016 CHOA Christmas Party

For the past few years, your volunteer HOA Board has put on a Christmas Party.  Unfortunately, this year, because of scheduling conflicts we were unable to put on the Christmas party this year

We hope to see you all in April 2017 for the Annual Meeting, until then…..

From your whole Board, we wish you a joyous and blessed Christmas and New Year


Chuck Robertson

Mike Tewell

Ty Kuhns

Ron Reiter

Rosemary Ricken

Ralph Martin

Jan Landis

Sandie Maki

Bob Barnum