Chief of Police speaks to parking problems

Chief Jeff Smith attended our last meeting to discuss parking on the streets.

There continues to be a problem of vehicles parked on our narrow streets.  Chief Jeff Smith agreed that this was a real safety issue, especially in the event of an emergency vehicle ability to travel to a resident in need of help.  There is also the issue of visibility when there are walkers where a parked vehicle may prohibit visibility of a car traveling down the street.

There are currently “No Parking” signs on our streets to inform residents that there isno parking.  Any sign that you see on a street means thewhole street  is a no parking zone and not just where there is a sign.

Because there is a lot of construction in Charbonneau the fact that sometimes a construction vehicle will park on the street was discussed.  This should be for unloading or loading only, and for as short a time as possible.

If you see any vehicle parked where it should not be:

  1. Neighbor to Neighbor have a conversation
  2. Call Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211, and inform the police of the illegal parking so that they can ticket or remove the vehicle
  3. Call Steve Chinn 503-312-0927


Pool Map and Board Meeting Minutes

Feedback from CHOA Website Posts:

Residents need to know where all pools are located in the CHOA neighborhood

Included below is a map of the CHOA neighborhood, with pools highlighted in Blue and the Red golf course highlighted in Green. An existing map was used to create this pool map, so it is not perfect. We will try to get a map included on the website, under maps, before next years summer season.

Here is a link to the map for printing:
Pool location map

Feedback from the Survey:

Residents want to be able to read minutes from board meetings

All minutes from board meetings are posted on the Website under Minutes.

On the minutes page you will see a table of contents for past board minutes.  In the upper right hand corner of the document, you will see a box.  If you click on the box the document will open.  Scroll down to the end of the document and you will find both the minutes from the August meeting and a draft of the September minutes.

We encourage everyone to attend your board meetings.  Board meetings are held at Pool house C on Lafayette street, the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am.  The next meeting will be October 12th.

Stay tuned: A separate post will include results from Chief Jeff Smith visit to the September board meeting and results of a discussion of parking rules.

What to do if you see someone where they should not be

On Sunday morning at 6:30 AM a possible homeless man was observed sleeping inside the pool area at Winchester.

If you see anyone that seems suspicious in your area, please call 911.

You can also call First Response during the hours of  8pm – 3am 503-207-5300


After calling 911, please contact Steve Chinn at or 503-312-0927

Additional Pool Closures

As of Monday, the morning of September 19th

– All pools will be closed

So in addition to B pool, B spa and E pool-

 A pool, A spa, C pool and F&G pool.

It has been a terrific summer season.

Thank you to all our CHOA pool maintenance crew!

We’ll see you all next Memorial Day.



Final Paving of Winchester to take place on September 19th

Special Thank you to Diann Harland

Email from Diann Harland below:


Hi Jan.  I talked to Zach Weigel at the City about our street repairs and a timeline for the final paving.  Below is what he told me:

The final paving will take place next Monday, September 18.

The concrete work will take place a week later.

At some point, there will be a final inspection where damaged plants and shrubs will be identified along with any other deficiencies and the contractor will be asked to remedy those problems.

I thought you might be willing to share this by email to our residents since there has been a lot of talk regarding the way things are looking.

Thanks for your help.


Pool Closures

As the weather starts to cool we will start closing pools.

Two pools will close the evening of Sunday 9/11 :

B pool and B spa

E pool

Remember your pool key opens all pools in the CHOA area.  So if next week ends up getting warm again and you feel in need of pool time, the following pools will remain open a little longer:

A pool and A spa

C pool

F&G pool


Reminder: Monthly Board Meeting September 14th at 10:00 am

The Monthly CHOA Board Meeting is an open meeting.

Date: Wednesday September 14th

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00pm

Rec Hall C, LaFayette St



Minutes approval

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

Parking – We will have Lt Jeff Smith from Wilsonville Police to give us more information on Wilsonville Parking Ordinance ( See attached summary)

New Business:

Storm Drain Lines – Ralph Martin

Committee reports