Be aware that Vermin have been seen in the neighborhood

A Rat was seen by Ralph Martin (CHOA Landscape Director) on a bird feeder just inside a courtyard on Fairway Dr.  Please do not feed the ducks throwing birdseed in the grass!  I personally (Jan Landis, CHOA communication Director) have seen an increase of duck activity, including excrement all over our patio.

According to Ralph, if many residents are feeding wildlife, outside of the CHOA policy, it may be why we are seeing rats and recent sightings of the coyote.  Ralph has personally  seen a coyote 3 times around F&G pool area in the early evenings!  With the added concern of the rats, who now have crossed over from Louvonne to Fairway this must be addressed.  Thank you!  Ralph


Policy regarding feeding of wildlife in CHOA Neighborhoods (May 14, 2014):


  • Feeding of wild animals, for example, geese, ducks, squirrels, and deer in all areas outside your home, including your courtyard, is prohibited.
  • Birds may only be fed inside a homeowner’s courtyard with a feeder hung above the ground.
  • Homeowners should only use cracked birdseed or a seed mixture called No Waste®
  • Homeowners may feed hummingbirds inside their courtyard and in common areas outside of the courtyard with a liquid feeder hung above the ground.
  • Offenders of the above policy will be given one oral warning. Subsequent offenses will be enforced in accordance with CHOA’s Enforcement Resolution 2013-002.
  • A fine of $25.00 could be issued.
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  1. Pat Parisi says:

    Hi Jan,

    We were unaware that feeding birds was permitted even within a courtyard. Was the rule relaxed in 2914? Seems like it was only time before the rats began crossing over from Lavonne. Now that they are within CHOA may we suggest that the bird feeding option be further tightened by eliminating feeding all animals and birds anywhere within CHOA? We have been wondering where birds were getting food that they bury in our courtyard which leads to them digging up the yard and squirrels also doing so. Pat and Eva

  2. Jan Landis says:

    Thanks for your comment, the current rule is on page 89 of the Information Directory (Information Directory).

    It may be time to look at a tightened rule given the current problems with unwanted wildlife that we are facing. The board is meeting on Wednesday, May 11th at 10:00 AM at the Layfeyette Rec Hall C. I have sent on to the board your comments for consideration.

    If anyone else would like to weigh in on this subject, please let us know here or by email.

    Jan Landis
    Communications Director

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