When you are selling your house what happens to the funds that are there for future painting of your house

When you sell your home remember that the money in your Trust account must STAY with the property per the Declaration of Trust.

Per the *Declaration of Trust, the purpose of the trust has been established for the cost of exterior painting. If there is a positive balance in the Trust account at the time a home is sold, that balance transfers to the new owners, (the Trust Fund stays with the property) Working with your Realtor you can however, use the Trust Fund as a negotiating tool or write something in the sales agreement for what is left in your Trust balance as it impacts your sales price. This is something that you would work out during negotiations of the Sale with your realtor.

If you are selling your house or have questions a good source of information is Ann Higgins; email annohiggins@comcast.net

*Reference: Information Directory, Page 82

Friday August 21at 3:00 pm – If you have not yet attended, Next Disaster Preparedness Meeting


Your Disaster Preparedness Team has an information meeting planned for those CHOA residents who have not had the opportunity to attend prior meetings.

The Team’s objective is to have each adult resident informed of the procedures to follow when a disaster happens and to provide information about the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family.

Each adult in your household should attend a meeting.

RSVP if you plan to attend so we can provide adequate seating and handouts. A film and discussions are planned along with Q & A. (2 hour timeframe).

RSVP to: JANET MOORE 503 694-6461




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Great information about what to do in an earthquake

Some straightforward instructions in the event of an earthquake . . . DROP, COVER, HANG ON!


Click on:   http://www.earthquakecountry.info/downloads/ShakeOut_Recommended_Earthquake_Safety_Actions.pdf


Thank you Pat and Eva for forwarding this information.