Update from Chris on Irrigation

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to give you all an update with factual information:
Through a huge amount of work today by many people we are now up and running.  I would love to say like normal, but I know you all know that at this time is not a true reality.  We stand at this moment in the same place that we were before the unfortunate accident that occurred yesterday  morning.  Just so everyone has some details.  We have 2 pumps on, they are both running through the main panel that is connected to a generator that SHOULD run continuous for many days. So pressure should be like it was on Sunday (hopefully, but we are not 100% sure about all details).   We will continuously monitor the generator, panel and the pumps and the main lake to hopefully supply water to all of you on a solid basis and we should not have to change any watering schedules this evening. 
If you have any issues, please notify me as soon as you can and I will get with Danny and hopefully get them rectified asap. 
I am sorry if I am not able to answer or provide a huge amount of detail, but at this time I do not have any more factual information to provide.  
With our fingers crossed, 
Chris Bensel
PGA Director of Golf / CGC Operations Manager
Charbonneau Golf Club
Pump house