PRESS RELEASE: from the Charbonneau Golf Club

The following has been authorized for immediate release to all residents of Charbonneau.


Dale Owen or Lee Zinsli
CGCI Board of Directors

Wilsonville, OR. (Charbonneau) July 1, 2015 – Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R) has expressed an interest in purchasing the Charbonneau Golf Club Inc. (CGCI) maintenance yard to construct a full service fire and emergency services station. Although this could clearly enhance these services to the Charbonneau community and may improve the financial position of the golf club, CGCI will use a thorough and thoughtful process to consider the proposal. We will keep Charbonneau residents informed of developments.

Consistent with past practice in Charbonneau, TVF&R has shown respect for our community and will continue to restrict their use of sirens wherever and whenever possible.


Source:  CGCI Communications, July 2, 2015.

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  1. Janet Crawford says:

    Where would the maintanence equipment go if this works out? Do we get a vote on this? JC

  2. Jan Landis says:

    Jens – From Dale Owen

    At this time we do not know where we would relocate the new facility. We are in the do diligence phase of this project. When we know more facts we will be putting out another press release.

  3. Jan Landis says:

    Response to your Questions by Dale Owen

    Hi Jan
    The answer to the question are; at this time we do not know where we would relocate the new facility. We are in the do diligence phase of this project. When we know more facts we will be putting out another press release. The public will not have a vote. The shareholders have elected a board of directors to vote on this type of issue.



  4. Donna Kriegshauser says:

    Would this facility house a fire truck? Medical response vehicles? If, so, can we assume that they would be available to respond to any and all calls and not just for us here in Charbonneau. That would mean that frequent there would be frequent instances when several large vehicles would be on their way to an emergency, on our main avenue of travel in Charbonneau. Would they still adhere to the no-siren policy that has existed in Charbonneau? So many unknowns that should be clarified, hopefully at a public meeting here in Charbonneau. And is there any circumstance that would allow for a vote on this matter, or at least a comprehensive survey of all residents of Charbonneau, in order for the Board to make a decision that would be supported by our community?

  5. Don Abbott says:

    Great idea to add them to our community!
    It will make us safer for both fire response and medical emergencies!
    It will also bring in potential purchases & memberships to our businesses!
    It might even help lower our insurance premiums!
    I vote, “Yes” make it happen!

    Don Abbott

  6. Jan Landis says:

    Donna Here is Lee Zinsli’s answer to your questions:
    Most of what Donna has addressed will have to be addressed in greater detail by TVF&R. As I understand it they customarily do hold community meetings to address questions of this type and to explain their plans further.

    TVF&R has indicated that it is their desire to have both an engine and an ambulance stationed in Charbonneau. Housing those two pieces of equipment will cause them to build what they described as their smaller size station, large enough to house those two pieces of equipment, a kitchen and sleeping quarters for the staff. The remainder of the land is for parking and, as I understand it, the ability to pull through their garage units so as not to disrupt neighbors with the beeping found on large vehicles as they back up.

    Emergency vehicles are able to run without lights blinking and sirens blaring, apparently at the option of the crew chief. But they are apparently required, by law, to use sirens when using lights. I’m confident this is a judgment call since I’ve often seen emergency vehicles on the highway with lights blinking and no sirens engaged. If an emergency is serious enough to warrant blinking lights, we would generally want for our own safety, for them to use sirens as well. Traditionally they have not needed these warning devices when in Charbonneau, and we’ve been told they will continue that practice as long as it is safe to do so.

    As to traveling outside Charbonneau to respond to calls, we can certainly expect that there will be situations where they dispatch those units outside Charbonneau, especially if their other nearby units were occupied. I’m sure if you or I were injured on a traffic accident heading to Costco we’d prefer that response rather than waiting for another unit to return to its station.

    The golf club board is supportive of TVF&R bringing resources into the community. And all but two or three (for reasons unexplained) we’ve heard from are supportive as well. But our decision is less about whether TVF&R should be on site than it is about the affordability of a new maintenance facility and whether we would have a significant dollar amount left over after a new facility is built. The alternatives and costs to that are being carefully studied at this time. Armed with as much decision making information as possible, we will make the best decision possible. Since our responsibility is focused on the survivability of the golf course and the continuation of the role it plays in Charbonneau’s ambiance, style of living and property values, we will focus our attention on those matters and ask TVF&R to address those items specific to their service and how it interfaces into a community. I will forward your questions and interest to them for comment either now via email or in a broader community setting at a later date. When and if community meetings are held, we will inform you so you can notify your homeowners of the date, time and place.


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