Homeowner Insurance

Your Homeowner insurance policy has been renewed, effective June 1, 2015.  The annual premium has increased 38.87%, primarily as the result of earthquake coverage.  All  industry wide rate increases are  controlled by the State of Oregon, and has authorized this rate increase for 2015.

Next year, our insurance premium should decrease as a result of adjustment to our “loss experience” claim, which took effect in our fire loss in late July 0f 2012.

Your Board of Directors made an extensive review of our insurance coverage a short time ago.  At that time, we were unable to get a premium quote from any qualified company because they will not provide insurance for earthquake and glass coverage as we have with State Farm.  (If we drop this coverage from State Farm, we could not get the earthquake and  glass breakage coverage again).  We also require an insurance agent to be local to provide personal service to members, and to have experience with providing insurance to homeowner associations, such as CHOA.

The Board will again address the matter of the insurance coverage and begin a search and review of qualified insurance companies.

This topic will be discussed at the next board meeting on June 10th.




Disaster Preparedness Information

Here is the information (from 4/27/15 Board meeting as promised) that you need in case of disaster. When A Disaster Occurs – PLEASE REMAIN AT HOME – Place sign in window that can be observed from street or golf course (which ever is most observable walking by) that you “Need Help” or are “OK”

  • Team Leaders will report to  Pool house C on Lafayette (Operations Center) – where they will be given two way radios
  • Team Leaders will be given assignments of houses to check
    • To verify where help is needed
  • Team Leaders will make evaluations of general area and report back to Operation Center (Pool House C) where they observed problems with:
    • Power
    • Trees
    • Sewers
    • Gas

Please refer to the “Blue Book” for supplies you should have on hand.  If you did not pick up a “Blue Book” please call your coordinator to obtain one. Please contact your team coordinator if you have any questions


Name                                                                                                                Cell 

Janet Moore (Lead Coordinator) 503-314-0398
Betsy Knudsen (A&B neighborhood) 206-261-0285
Ty Kuhns (C&E neighborhood) 503-508-0596
Mike Tewell (F&G neighborhood) 503-789-6833