New Guidelines for Using Rec Hall C

Please note that we have a great free resource here for CHOA neighbors to use.  All we ask is you follow the Guidelines for using Rec Hall C as noted below.  Please note that you need to get approval to use Rec Hall C in advance of your event. Please note also that this replaces the old form in the Information Directory  (we are in the process of updating the directory).

Charbonneau Homeowners AssociationCArea Recreation (Rec) Hall


Recreation & Amenities Located on Lafayette Way, the “C” Pool Rec Hall is free for the

use of members of our own Homeowners Association. It is large enough to facilitate a

large family gathering and handy for games and meetings. Anyone wanting to use the

hall must fill out a request form located under the calendar tab on the web site. The hall

must be used by homeowners in the CHOA area and their guests. There is no smoking in or within 10 feet of the hall.

  1. A limit of 50 people shall prevail for any event inside the building. The homeowner must be present during the event.
  2. Parking shall be confined to guest parking slots unless prior arrangements have been made with individual residents for the use of their driveways. Parking is not allowed on the street.
  3. Reservations for the Rec Hall do not include the pool area or swimming rights unless special permission is given by the CHOA board or Rec Hall Manager.
  4. If permission is granted to use the pool, wet bathing suits, etc. will not be allowed in the building. Standard pool rules shall apply and be enforced by the homeowner.
  5. The understanding is that the furnishings and equipment are to be used with reasonable care; any damage must be reported.
  6. Before leaving the building after any event, the homeowner shall be responsible for cleaning up, replacing furniture as found on arrival and turning off the lights and fans.
  7. Any equipment brought to the Hall for an event shall be removed before leaving the building.
  8. All garbage must be removed from the area by the homeowner and not dumped in the restroom garbage container.
  9. Meetings of committees or the Association’s Board of Directors, scheduled to be held in the C Rec Hall, shall have precedence over other uses of the building.
  10. Unless specifically authorized in advance by the Association’s board, the Hall may not be used for commercial purposes.
  11. Use of the back patio is strictly limited to the concrete slab and caution should be given to errant golf balls. Insure door is locked upon leaving.
  12. Upon approval of your request, you will be required to sign this agreement that states any damage by a guest will be solely the responsibility of the homeowner requesting the room.
  13. The homeowner who is requesting the room is responsible, before and after the event for any of their guest who become intoxicated and any of their actions.
  14. Drop this signed agreement in the box on Boones Bend Road labeled CHOA.
  15. Upon acceptance of the request, the entrance code will be given to the homeowner.
  16. By signing this agreement the homeowner acknowledges that he/she has read and understands these rules and regulations and will comply with them.

_________________________________________     _________________________________

Homeowners printed name                                                                 Date




Reminder- The Great Oregon Shakeout is coming October 19!

Please note that the “Great Oregon Shakeout” is coming October 19th at 10:19 am.  This is an exercise to test our preparedness for an Earthquake.  You can learn more about this event at :  Please see the great informative video on this site.

Please note that the recent earthquake activity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
Oct. 11 – 4.5 quake off Vancouver Island.
Oct. 12 – 3.4 quake near Toppenish, WA.
Oct 13 – 4.5 quake off the Oregon coast near Bandon.
Oct. 14 3.4 quake near Vernonia , OR.
Oct. 17 – 3.4 quake near Goldendale, OR.

All this earthquake activity is fairly common in our region.  Does it forecast the Big One?  No one knows for sure, but scientists think that we are overdue.  In any case, it’s best to be prepared.

More information about earthquake activity can be found on the apps “QuakeFeed,” or  “QuakeWatch.


Note from Garron Grounds on Pruning of Trees

CHOA Homeowners,

September 22nd is the Official Start of Fall.

As we begin our fall pruning, we’d like to hear from you about any pruning concerns you may have around your home.

We will be happy to meet with you and discuss preferences we can accommodate during this next pruning cycle. You may have plants that have grown so large they are blocking your views or interfering with your landscape.

We can also discuss the pros & cons of renovation pruning during this time of year.

We will be glad to schedule a visit with you to inspect your landscaping needs and any other concerns you may have.

Please contact us at

Sincerely Ken Bartus

Caring for your Roses

There is still time to enjoy the beautiful roses that are growing throughout the Charbonneau community.

However, it will soon be time to prune them back so that we will have roses to enjoy next year.  Mid-October to mid-November is a good time for a cleanup pruning and then major pruning in February. This is just a reminder that Garron does not prune our roses and it is the homeowners’ responsibility.

Please do not feed the wildlife

Please do not feed any of the wildlife we have here in Charbonneau.  This includes:

Geese, Ducks, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Deer, Coyotes, Skunks and any other wild animal you might come across in our neighborhood.

Wild animals that are fed by humans can lose their fear of people and become aggressive when they don’t get food as expected.

While it is fun to watch the wildlife in our neighborhood, please remember they are wild and designed to find their own food.  So please enjoy them but don’t feed them!

Irrigation Issues


Please note that the irrigation water is filled with algae and debris, which is clogging our filters and sprinklers. It’s taking up most of the time of our Irrigation Specialist just keeping the sprinklers running. Until this condition clears up we may not be able to respond to regular irrigation requests in a timely manner.

We ask that the residents please hand water if they have plants in danger.  

We appreciate your patience as we work thru this problem.

Please contact Steve Chinn at or 503-682-0234 if you have any questions and/or need more information.

Please Note- RV Lot to be repaved next week


RV Lot to be repaved next week

Please note that the RV lot is getting repaved next week, starting Sunday July 16th.  All RVs will need to be removed from the RV lot during that time.

In addition to the sewer line construction, we will also all need to be more tolerant and patient with our neighbors, especially those who have RVs that may need to use some of our Guest parking spaces while the RV lot is closed.

It is nice to see the continuation of improvements to our neighborhood and appreciate your understanding during these disruptions to our normal routines.

New Days and Times: Home Water Damage Prevention Inspection Information

For those of you who were not able to attend Jay Puppo’s informative June 20th presentation on Potential Home Water Damage, below is the PowerPoint from his talk.

There was such a great response to the first week of inspections, five more days have added.  Reports from those who have already taken advantage of this offer has been that the inspection is very detailed with a checklist and then a report of the findings to the homeowner.

In case you missed the presentation:



Dates and Times 7/17 through 7/21 have been added for the $35 plumbing inspection service. 

Monday 07/17

12:00 (noon)

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

Tuesday  07/18

12:00 (noon)

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

Wednesday  07/19

12:00 (noon)

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

Thursday  07/20

12:00 (noon)

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

Friday  07/21

12:00 (noon)

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

If you are interested in this, please contact:

Lindy Kae Galatz

Office Manager

Licensed Producer LSA5

State Farm Insurance

Jay Puppo Agency

503-582-8181 office

503-685-6282 fax

Update on Pool closures

Electrical Box repair for “A” and “B” Pool has been completed

C Pool will be closed on Monday July 10th, for the electrical panel upgrade.

**Be aware that C Pool may be still closed on Tuesday July 11th, but the plan is to complete by the end of day on Monday.


Please note that the Electrical Boxes at our Pools are in need of upgrading (as noted in the above picture!)  This work will start on July 6th.  The electricians will be starting on the 6th of July at A pool. It will take them 1-2 working days (M-F) per pool. The work should be completed by the 13th.  The Pool will be shut down for the day or two that the they are working on the upgrade for that Pool.  After A, they move to B and then to C.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with Steve Chinn or 503-312-0927 or Bob Barnum who is the Board member in charge of the Pools.