Disaster Preparedness: Message from City of Wilsonville

The following message is from:

Angela Handran, Community Outreach Specialist

Good afternoon,  I am reaching out on behalf of the City of Wilsonville.


The City of Wilsonville feels strongly that active measures need to be taken to be adequately prepared when a disaster occurs, and the City can’t do it alone.

The more people who are prepared the better it is for our community. Thus we are reaching out to Home Owners Associations, faith based organizations, and community groups and encouraging you to get involved with Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) to learn how you can help.

This is a group through Clackamas County that helps prepare organizations like yours for a local disaster through trainings and disaster preparedness exercises. COAD is an extension of emergency management under FEMA. If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to me directly.


The next COAD meeting is on July 28th at Clackamas Community College from 9:00 to 11:30 am.


You are welcome to attend or if you are unable to make this meeting but want to become involved in COAD please let me know. I will be helping to relay the information from COAD to those interested.




The mission of Clackamas County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (CC- COAD) is to enhance the efforts of community stakeholders through collaborative planning, relief, and recovery activities in order to provide more effective services to disaster impacted communities

Who Should Be a CC COAD Member?

Community stakeholders, government, faith based organizations, businesses and volunteers committed to working together to meet local needs following a disaster

Benefits of Quarterly Meetings

  •  Share information – Who does what in disasters and how is it coordinated?
  •  Identify resources available through CC COAD affiliates
  •  Network with organizations that have a community disaster role
  •  Participate in disaster training to improve local capabilities
  •  Test assumptions with disaster simulations (exercises)

Kind Regards,

Angela Handran

Community Outreach Specialist

City Managers Office

City of Wilsonville

Direct Line: 503.570.1503



Disaster Prepardedness Meetings





Your Disaster Preparedness Team has two information meetings planned for those CHOA residents who have not had the opportunity to attend prior meetings.

The Team’s objective is to have each adult resident informed of the procedures to follow when a disaster happens and to provide information about the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family.

Each adult in your household should attend a meeting RSVP if you plan to attend so we can provide adequate seating and handouts.  A film and discussions are planned along with Q & A.  (2 hour timeframe).

RSVP to:   JANET MOORE  503 694-6461

Or     janet.moore2u@gmail.com

Disaster Preparedness Information

Here is the information (from 4/27/15 Board meeting as promised) that you need in case of disaster. When A Disaster Occurs – PLEASE REMAIN AT HOME – Place sign in window that can be observed from street or golf course (which ever is most observable walking by) that you “Need Help” or are “OK”

  • Team Leaders will report to  Pool house C on Lafayette (Operations Center) – where they will be given two way radios
  • Team Leaders will be given assignments of houses to check
    • To verify where help is needed
  • Team Leaders will make evaluations of general area and report back to Operation Center (Pool House C) where they observed problems with:
    • Power
    • Trees
    • Sewers
    • Gas

Please refer to the “Blue Book” for supplies you should have on hand.  If you did not pick up a “Blue Book” please call your coordinator to obtain one. Please contact your team coordinator if you have any questions


Name                                                                                                                Cell 

Janet Moore (Lead Coordinator) 503-314-0398
Betsy Knudsen (A&B neighborhood) 206-261-0285
Ty Kuhns (C&E neighborhood) 503-508-0596
Mike Tewell (F&G neighborhood) 503-789-6833