Reminder: Winter Pruning and Weeding Update



You may notice the Garron crews out and about.  Winter pruning of Lilies, Hydrangeas, and Sedum and trimming of Lavenders, Red Twig, Ground Covers, and Grasses are beginning soon and will continue into February.

If there are plants you don’t want pruned, be sure you have your name on the “No Prune” list.  If you want to be added or are not sure you are on the list, please contact Steve Chinn at

Reminder: CHOA Holiday Party is next Saturday Jan 20th at 4:00 at the Country Club!

Happy New Year Neighbors!

Because December was such a busy time, the CHOA Holiday Party will be this coming Saturday January 20th, 4:00 pm at the Charbonneau Country Club.

This will be a great time to get together to meet new neighbors and catch up with everyone.

In addition, Garron Grounds will be will be presenting several options for Murphy’s Green.

Please bring an Appetizer to share.  Coffee and water will be provided.

Please bring your own adult beverage if you like.

We look forward to seeing you there!


To all the Snowbirds – Important notice

For our Snowbirds;

A Proposed amendment to Association Declaration requirement that CHOA pay alarm monitoring cost was mailed to each home by postal mail.  We wanted to make sure that you receive the information, so we are posting the documents here.

As you may recall we have been working on this requirement for the past several months.  Per information sent out in previous comunication the wording that will be removed from the CC&Rs page 48 Article XII Section 12 is only the portion that addresses Association requirement to pay the cost of security monitoring.  All security systems that are currently in residents homes will remain.


Attached please find the Proposed Amendment and the ballot.  We are asking all homes to complete the ballot and return by mail or email as stated on the ballot.  If you have trouble printing, let us know and forms can be sent by email.

Reminder- The Great Oregon Shakeout is coming October 19!

Please note that the “Great Oregon Shakeout” is coming October 19th at 10:19 am.  This is an exercise to test our preparedness for an Earthquake.  You can learn more about this event at :  Please see the great informative video on this site.

Please note that the recent earthquake activity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
Oct. 11 – 4.5 quake off Vancouver Island.
Oct. 12 – 3.4 quake near Toppenish, WA.
Oct 13 – 4.5 quake off the Oregon coast near Bandon.
Oct. 14 3.4 quake near Vernonia , OR.
Oct. 17 – 3.4 quake near Goldendale, OR.

All this earthquake activity is fairly common in our region.  Does it forecast the Big One?  No one knows for sure, but scientists think that we are overdue.  In any case, it’s best to be prepared.

More information about earthquake activity can be found on the apps “QuakeFeed,” or  “QuakeWatch.


Alarm System assessment

In response to the letter from your board asking if you as a resident would like us to do more investigation on monitoring of alarm systems in CHOA,  the overwhelming response was that you would like us to gather more information.

In response to our CHOA residents request,  you will soon receive analarm assessment form as the next step in this process.   Please fill this form out and return to us so that we will have correct information on what is already in place in your home.

Return your form per the instructions on the bottom of the form, either to the CHOA mailbox on Boones Bend, or you can scan and email your form to

I have attached a copy of the form to this post,  if you for some reason did not receive the form, you can print it and return per the instructions on the bottom of the form

This is a very important next step for your board and for you.  We need your help in getting everyone to return the completed alarm assessment form.

Note from Garron Grounds on Pruning of Trees

CHOA Homeowners,

September 22nd is the Official Start of Fall.

As we begin our fall pruning, we’d like to hear from you about any pruning concerns you may have around your home.

We will be happy to meet with you and discuss preferences we can accommodate during this next pruning cycle. You may have plants that have grown so large they are blocking your views or interfering with your landscape.

We can also discuss the pros & cons of renovation pruning during this time of year.

We will be glad to schedule a visit with you to inspect your landscaping needs and any other concerns you may have.

Please contact us at

Sincerely Ken Bartus

Caring for your Roses

There is still time to enjoy the beautiful roses that are growing throughout the Charbonneau community.

However, it will soon be time to prune them back so that we will have roses to enjoy next year.  Mid-October to mid-November is a good time for a cleanup pruning and then major pruning in February. This is just a reminder that Garron does not prune our roses and it is the homeowners’ responsibility.