Latest Update on Wilsonville Storm drain/Sewer Construction – 7/24/17

I just received this Update on Sewer/Storm drain construction by email from Zach:

Construction Status Week of 7/24 – 7/28


  • Mon. 7/24 thru Thu. 7/27 – Street cutting (all locations)


  • Tue. 7/25 thru Thu. 7/27 – Fairway Drive:  Open Trench Pipe and Replace Manholes.  Fairway Drive closed to through traffic, local access only during construction hours.


  • Fri. 7/28 – Louvonne Drive:  Open Trench Pipe. Louvonne Drive down to one lane of traffic with flaggers – tentative start


Please call or email with any questions or concerns regarding this construction project.  Your help circulating project information is very much appreciated.


Thank again,

Zachary J. Weigel, PE
Civil Engineer

City of Wilsonville






Update on Wilsonville Storm drain/Sewer Construction – Start Date 7/17/17

I just received this Update on Sewer/Storm drain construction by email from Zach:

According to Zachary J. Weigel,Civil Engineer,City of Wilsonville the scheduled construction on Fairway Dr is due to start this coming Monday July 17th and last thru October 2017.  Time each day 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Boones Bend Road  – Storm – CIPP

Fairway Drive – Sanitary & Storm – Open Trench and CIPP

Mon 7/17  thru Wed 7/19 – Move equipment and materials onsite (all locations)

Thurs 7/20 thru Fri 7/21 – Street cutting (all locations)

Roadways will be closed to through traffic during periods of active construction.  Access for garbage service, emergency vehicles and resident’s driveways will be provided at all times.

You may receive a Flyer through the mail, but I wanted to get this out ASAP



New information from Zach Weigel on City of Wilsonville Storm drain/Sewer Construction

Email from Zach Weigel:

Good Morning,


I wanted to give you an update on the construction schedule for the Charbonneau Utility Repair work as I am sure many of you are wondering why construction has not started yet.  Recently, the City’s contractor requested that the construction schedule be delayed a couple of months to better align with their pipe lining subcontractor’s schedule.  Pipe lining is very specialized work, which is becoming more and more popular as a solution to repairing older pipelines.  As a result, scheduling contractors that specialize in pipe lining is becoming difficult.


Instead of starting the construction work now and then waiting until the pipe lining contractor is available, the City has requested the Contractor delay the start of construction to better align with the pipe lining schedule.  This will lessen the amount of total construction time and impacts to the residents.


I had been waiting to send a project update until the details of the construction schedule change are resolved with the Contractor, but I realize that we are almost two weeks beyond the original start date.  As soon as the construction schedule is resolved, I will send you an update and provide updated notice to residents within the construction areas.  I apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you,


Zachary J. Weigel, PE
Civil Engineer

City of Wilsonville