April Board meeting will be held on 4/12, in addition to the Annual meeting on 4/24

In past years we have not had a monthly meeting in April, instead we hold an annual meeting at the end of April


Because we were unable to meet during the month of March and have more agenda items than can be discussed after the Annual meeting, we have decided to meet on April 12th at 10:00 am at Rec Hall C on Lafayette St.  This will be in addition to the Annual meeting scheduled for April 24th, at 7:00 pm at the Country Club.


As always you are invited to come to the monthly meeting and we strongly encourage you to attend the Annual meeting.

CHOA Board members needed, find out how you can get involved

Make a difference in Charbonneau


Have you ever thought “I sure would like to have input on what happens in my neighborhood?”

Homeowners interested in serving on the Charbonneau Homeowners Association (CHOA) Board of Directors should submit a letter on interest and qualifications to CHOA, (P. O. Box 219, Wilsonville, OR. 97070) no later than April 1, 2016.  The Nominating Committee will meet with applicants in early April.  Board Director terms are for three years.

If you have questions or for more information, email Chuck Robertson chuck.carla75@gmail.com

New page on our Website dedicated to Emergency Preparedness


Check out our new page.

All the information that you need in the event of an emergency:  Links to Articles, Family Plans in the event of a emergency and City of Wilsonville information.

See more information on this page, in the next few months from Eric Hoem, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, like what the CHOA plan, what you need to know, what you should have on hand.

If you would like to know even more attend the meeting on Thurday, March 30, 2017, 4:00 PM, POOL HOUSE C, LAFAYETTE WAY or Contact Eric at  erichoem@comcast.net

Meet Eric Hoem


Check your insurance = Make sure you are appropriately covered

Back in October of 2016 a post was sent to warn all homeowners of the danger of burst pipes and the precaution of shutting off your water when you are not in residence.

With the recent cold spells, we did have a house where the water pipes burst.  Unfortunately for the home owner, they had not obtained the correct dual homeowner insurance coverage.

Your HOA has a policy (Condominium/Association Policy) for all of our homeowners as part of the requirement to live in an HOA.   This coverage is through State Farm and covers your home and garage structures, but not your personal property.  The State Farm policy has a deductible of “In case of loss for All Perilof $10,000.  Water damage would come under “All Peril”

All homeowners should purchase a separate policy covering contents and other items not physically attached to the structure.  Please check with your insurance agent to make sure that you are appropriately covered, and that your Separate policy will cover what is not covered by the Association policy. Specifically, consider a rider to your contents coverage for structural damage up to $10,000 that will cover your deductible on the CHOA insurance policy.

Yard Debris – New information to be more in compliance with Charbonneau HOA’s

To be more in line with other HOA’s in Charbonneau, and being good Stewards of your CHOA  Dues, the board has decided to no longer provide yard debris or Christmas tree pickup by our grounds-keeping staff (Garron Grounds).  To that end:

  • Garron Grounds will no longer pick up Yard Debris.


  • We suggest all residents  use the debris containers provided by the garbage service (currently Republic) for their landscape trimmings.
    •  Republic provides the lawn debris can to all customers for free.  If you do not have a can please contact Republic to obtain a can.


  • Those without a can or with excess debris (more than your debris can will hold) can put a filled black garbage bag next to their garbage can for pick up.  Republic Services will charge $6 per bag for this pick up as trash.


  • Collection of Christmas trees or other debris (trash) found in the planting or parking areas will be billed to the homeowner at the rate of $51.50 per cubic yard/per hour.
    • This is what Garron charges your HOA for  removal of excess  Debris, which is then paid out of your dues.  (An extra Black garbage bag @$6. per bag is a much more economical choice).

There will be no 2016 CHOA Christmas Party

For the past few years, your volunteer HOA Board has put on a Christmas Party.  Unfortunately, this year, because of scheduling conflicts we were unable to put on the Christmas party this year

We hope to see you all in April 2017 for the Annual Meeting, until then…..

From your whole Board, we wish you a joyous and blessed Christmas and New Year


Chuck Robertson

Mike Tewell

Ty Kuhns

Ron Reiter

Rosemary Ricken

Ralph Martin

Jan Landis

Sandie Maki

Bob Barnum

Eric Hoem has volunteered to Coordinate our Disaster Preparedness program

Meet Eric Hoem

Meet Eric Hoem

Thank you Eric for volunteering to fill such an important  position in our CHOA community

Eric and his wife Shirley have lived in Charbonneau 11 years.  Shirley and Eric were married in September of 2005 at the Portland Yacht Club and moved to Charbonneau the next month, in October of 2005.  What a great way to start a new life together.  Together they have 4 children, each of them have two sons.  They have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls.  The oldest grandson is a a sophomore at OSU, and the youngest grandchild is in kindergarten.

Before Eric retired he taught at Mt Hood Community College full time for 32  years  and another two years part time.  While at Mt Hood, Eric also served two years in administration at the Dean level.

Eric enjoys hiking in the back-country and has a love for photography, he says he is an amateur at best.  Shirley and Eric love to travel; and have been to over 30 countries on all the continents except Antarctica and hope to see many more.  Traveling has given him an appreciation of  all the similarities and differences in human cultures, which he finds interesting and enriching.  I would bet that he has some beautiful pictures of their travels.

Finally, Eric is a climb leader with the Mazamas, Portland’s mountaineering club, and has summitted the major mountains in the Pacific NW and Northern California.  One of the requirements Eric needs to keep current as a climb leader is Mountaineering First Aid and Accident Management, which should help with our Disaster Preparedness.  Eric, of course, hopes never to have to use those skills in Charbonneau, but one never knows.

If you see Eric, please thank him in advance for using his knowledge and time to help us make our Disaster Preparedness program successful.

Pool Map and Board Meeting Minutes

Feedback from CHOA Website Posts:

Residents need to know where all pools are located in the CHOA neighborhood

Included below is a map of the CHOA neighborhood, with pools highlighted in Blue and the Red golf course highlighted in Green. An existing map was used to create this pool map, so it is not perfect. We will try to get a map included on the website, under maps, before next years summer season.

Here is a link to the map for printing:

Pool location map

Feedback from the Survey:

Residents want to be able to read minutes from board meetings

All minutes from board meetings are posted on the Website under Minutes.

On the minutes page you will see a table of contents for past board minutes.  In the upper right hand corner of the document, you will see a box.  If you click on the box the document will open.  Scroll down to the end of the document and you will find both the minutes from the August meeting and a draft of the September minutes.

We encourage everyone to attend your board meetings.  Board meetings are held at Pool house C on Lafayette street, the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am.  The next meeting will be October 12th.

Stay tuned: A separate post will include results from Chief Jeff Smith visit to the September board meeting and results of a discussion of parking rules.

Reminder: Monthly Board Meeting September 14th at 10:00 am

The Monthly CHOA Board Meeting is an open meeting.

Date: Wednesday September 14th

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00pm

Rec Hall C, LaFayette St



Minutes approval

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

Parking – We will have Lt Jeff Smith from Wilsonville Police to give us more information on Wilsonville Parking Ordinance ( See attached summary)

New Business:

Storm Drain Lines – Ralph Martin

Committee reports