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If there is a tree on your property that you would like cut down or trimmed, let Steve Chinn know

If you have a tree that you would like removed or trimmed please contact Steve Chinn ASAP = Office: 503-682-0234, schinno@gmail.com. You may be able to save some money — Open to read full details
****** Please note this tree removal or trim would be at your cost, we are just trying to save you some money if this is something you want done

Garron Grounds will be spraying for Bluegrass BillBug and Crane Fly – Please do not allow your dog or children on the grass

What is Garron Grounds doing to help our community. Garron is protecting our grass from brown spots by spraying for Bluegrass Billbug and Crane Fly on Thursday and Friday
Please make sure to keep your dog and any children off the grass for a few days.
And adding Ladybugs to some trees. Click “Read more” to get the whole story