New Poolside Chair Lift in Charbonneau

Please see note below from the Charbonneau Country Club regarding the new Poolside Chair Lift:

“Charbonneau County Club (CCC) recently installed a poolside motorized chair lift at the swimming pool located on the corner of French Prairie Road  and Arbor Lake Drive near the east entrance to Charbonneau.  This was in response to a request from a homeowner whose granddaughter uses a wheelchair.    As far as CCC knows, this is the only pool in Charbonneau, with the exception of SpringRidge.

CCC would like to offer the use of this pool to those residents with need who would enjoy the benefit of thi amenity.  If you have a homeowner who cannot use your neighborhood pool because a disability requires a motorized pool lift, please contact CCC office and we will make arrangements for use of the pool at the east entrance.

Please have interested residents contact Susie at for more information.

Thank you,

Tony Holt, CCC President”

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