Update on Pool closures

Electrical Box repair for “A” and “B” Pool has been completed

C Pool will be closed on Monday July 10th, for the electrical panel upgrade.

**Be aware that C Pool may be still closed on Tuesday July 11th, but the plan is to complete by the end of day on Monday.


Please note that the Electrical Boxes at our Pools are in need of upgrading (as noted in the above picture!)  This work will start on July 6th.  The electricians will be starting on the 6th of July at A pool. It will take them 1-2 working days (M-F) per pool. The work should be completed by the 13th.  The Pool will be shut down for the day or two that the they are working on the upgrade for that Pool.  After A, they move to B and then to C.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with Steve Chinn schinno@gmail.com or 503-312-0927 or Bob Barnum cbbarnum@comcast.net who is the Board member in charge of the Pools.

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