If there is a tree on your property that you would like cut down or trimmed, let Steve Chinn know

Steve asked me to let everyone know that CTS is going to be in the neighborhood next Friday, June 23rd.  CTS is the company that does a lot of the tree removal for us in Charbonneau.

Some of you have already asked Steve about a tree on your property already, if you did Steve will make sure that CTS gets over to your place and gives you a bid.  If the bid sounds good to you, CTS will let you know when they will get by to cut/trim your tree.  Once they have completed all jobs in the neighborhood, CTS will send one bill to Ann Higgins and then Ann will mail you a bill for the price that you agreed to pay for your tree/trees.

If you have a tree on your property that you would like to have trimmed or cut down, and you havenot told anyone, please let Steve know ASAP, he will add you to the list of homes so that CTS can come to your place to give you a bid.   CTS will then send the bid they quoted to you to Ann, (same as the paragraph above) and Ann will mail you a bill after all work by CTS has been done.

This is just an offer from CTS to hopefully save you some money, if you don’t like their bid, of course you can tell them no.


Please direct any Questions to Steve, by email or phone =  Office: 503-682-0234 ,Email: schinno@gmail.com

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  1. Jim McKenna says:

    Does this include the linden trees by Boones Bend Rd. which are hanging so low over sidewalks that i can almost touch them?

  2. Jan Landis says:

    I am not sure what linden trees are, so I will let Ralph or Steve reply. Are these trees on your property or CHOA Common area? Perhaps they are some of the trees that are scheduled to be trimmed by CTS? If they are not on your property, you do not need to request a bid for your cost.

    If they are on your property and you would like to have CTS give you a bid, please let Steve know. If you do not like the bid they give you, you do not need to have them do any work for you and can use a contractor of your choice.

  3. Jan Landis says:

    Message from Steve Chinn

    Between Garron’s and CTS the lindens on the street will be trimmed.


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