Save the Date: June 20th 6:30 Preventive Water Damage Program Presentation

Water damage claims are the most frequent home insurance claim in Charbonneau.  Many can be avoided.  Here are some examples of recent water damage that owners had to deal with:


  1. Ice maker water line burst during the night.  The next morning the owners’ new hardwood floors were all buckled and completely destroyed.  It was a nightmare for the owner to get a good contractor to come out and replace her floors and cost many thousands of dollars.


  1. The drain hose on a washing machine failed and an entire load of bleach water dumped onto the floor destroying the floor.


  1. A hot water tank located in the attic failed and water damaged the ceiling and leaked onto and damaged beautiful antique furniture.


To identify problems before they happen, the board is working with our insurance agent and a local plumber to offer optionalinspections of our plumbing systems.  Come to an informational meeting and enjoy a nice glass of wine and a variety of meats and cheeses on Wednesday, June 20th at 6:30 pm at Rec Hall C, on Lafayette Dr.


Jay Puppo will show a 7 minute slide show of the problem and introduce us to the plumber.  The first 5 owners to sign up for a plumbing inspection will receive high grade stainless steel washing machine hoses to be installed by the plumber.



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